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Biden Under Fire for Telling Immigrant Rights Activist Demanding End to Deportations to 'Vote for Trump'

Open-borders Democratic policies means 4 more years of Trump.

Biden is a doddering old fool.Whenever he speaks he either puts his foot in his mouth or he displays a complete lack of understanding of the issues. He’s a year younger than Bernie but he acts and carries himself like someone 10 years older. It’s obvious that he has signs of early onset dementia. And yet, the “pragmatic” neoliberal Democrat constituents are standing by this man, believing that he’s going to inspire the non-voting masses to turn out and vote. They’re as out of their minds as Biden. He’s as inspiring as day-old cold oatmeal.

To hell with Biden or any other corporate-owned, warmongering tool of the establishment. The ONLY candidate I will vote for will be someone who speaks out against the goddamn oligarchy, not falls in line with it.


It would seem that the left-leg of the establishment party is INTENT upon losing both the Youth vote and the Hispanic vote.

This is quite sad.

As with Obama, corporations will choose Biden’s administration and his policies.


I used to live in a country where you had to actually be convicted. Buzz off Bob; you neoliberals have caved to Republican policy one time too many. I’m only registered as a Democrat to vote in the Primary; the primary is the ONLY time we can avoid the corporate establishment duopoly.


I believe his new title is “Imploding Joe”.

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ByeDone can’t keep his itchy trigger finger off the “self-destruct” button.

Which is nice.


Uncle Joe? Grandpa Joe you mean. You start with the idea that because Trump was so bad the old guard Dems figured that this time even Biden could win and then you start to figure that he is tired and cranky and just wants to sit down (by that I mean that he doesn’t really want to campaign among people he doesn’t really like all that much anyway namely non rich donors). Old Joe is showing his age.


The major mainstream Dem national party apparatchik is determined not to have BS or any other progressive be the candidate in 2020.
They have the plan ready: Run the corpse of Biden, lose, then blame Russia again.
This is a perfect plan for Trump…he will win. (Caveat: I’m a non-partisan voter of more than 40 years and I despise DT.)


Eugene Debs, the greatest president that American never got, summed it up well when members of his own party called for harsher immigration controls.

“…Away with the “tactics” which require the exclusion of the oppressed and suffering slaves who seek these shores with the hope of bettering their wretched condition and are driven back under the cruel lash of expediency by those who call themselves Socialists in the name of a movement whose proud boast it is that it stands uncompromisingly for the oppressed and down-trodden of all the earth. These poor slaves have just as good a right to enter here as even the authors of this report who now seek to exclude them. The only difference is that the latter had the advantage of a little education and had not been so cruelly ground and oppressed, but in point of principle there is no difference, the motive of all being precisely the same, and if the convention which meets in the name of Socialism should discriminate at all it should be in favor of the miserable races who have borne the heaviest burdens and are most nearly crushed to the earth… If Socialism, international, revolutionary Socialism, does not stand staunchly, unflinchingly, and uncompromisingly for the working class and for the exploited and oppressed masses of all lands, then it stands for none and its claim is a false pretense and its profession a delusion and a snare. Let those desert us who will because we refuse to shut the international door in the faces of their own brethren; we will be none the weaker but all the stronger for their going, for they evidently have no clear conception of the international solidarity, are wholly lacking in the revolutionary spirit, and have no proper place in the Socialist movement while they entertain such aristocratic notions of their own assumed superiority…”



Joe “corporate puppet” Biden. I wish we could deport Trump, Biden and every politician like 'em (world wide) to another planet. Then we could have warp drive.

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OhBummer, in order to defuse dissent in the black community always brought up the fictional character, known as Uncle Ruckus. How many times did OhBummer the Bamboozler use Ol’ Uncle Ruckus to attack good people asking even better, if uncomfortable, questions? Tons, really.
Uncle Ruckus was a fictional character who brought more heat than light, supposedly. Or, who brought inconvenient truths; the skeletons in the family closet to the dinner table conversation. Especially at the family reunion or X-mas dinner. ( My mind’s eye sees an 85 yr old man with dementia; who looks and talks like Rev. Al Sharpton does now, that’s my picture of an Uncle Ruckus. Your conjuring may differ. )
It’s funny, though, that OhBummer knew a fictional Uncle Ruckus but doesn’t acknowledge that he choose a real one for his VP and running mate. But one who is even more reactionary and conservative than Trumpster’s Troops on some important issues. Think the Syrian/Iraq/Kurd or Venezuelan/Bolivian conflagration. At least Trump, playing Uncle Ruckus, is an honest fictional nutcase. Joe Biden, playing the part of OhBummer’s fictional Uncle Ruckus, is just a liar and double-talking con man. Just as dangerous and evil as a Trump, but a lot more disingenuous, unfortunately. Which is quite an accomplishment and who is also a nutcase, btw.
Uncle Joe " Ruckus " Biden. Former VP " Uncle Ruckus " Biden. Yea, that’s the winning ticket for 2020. " Vote for Trump " is the campaign slogan they’ll hang their hat on, also. What a bunch of winners we have, it appears. Yikes!!!

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In theory, there is nothing wrong with deporting bona fide felons. All immigrants have a right to expect fairness, consistency and humane treatment. They do not have the right to write the comprehensive reform policies that we urgently need to create, and once we become clear on the procedures required for successful immigration, then “illegals” will of necessity be putting themselves in jeopardy. That said, we should continue to seek accountability for those behind the border travesties of the last several–and perhaps previous–years. I fully agree that it is acceptable to criticize Biden for his participation in any past or current policy, just as it is acceptable to condemn any current or past policy.

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No doubt about it in my mind! And the fix is already in for 2020 with the DNC and their corrupt super, Delegates.


Joe. Before next outing be sure to take your Namenda. I know you can’t always find the right words and this will help.
I think all candidates should be evaluated for stamina, stress handling, memory issues, and abnormal personality disorders.


Biden will be as effective as a screen door on a submarine.


Unfortunately, Biden is correct because Mr. Master Card, who is nothing but a stooge of Wall Street, knows Bernie has absolutely no chance as long as Bernie stays in his party of crooks.

Which is why I will probably vote Third Party. If Status Quo Joe wins the nomination, as seems likely, I sure won’t be voting Democrat.


First of all, nobody that is sane and has an ounce of decency should vote for trump.
We still have laws, and some illegals that commit crime in the U.S. should be deported.

“Deport them!”

At a Biden, Dem Party rally –

And, denying that he takes corporate money as a new PAC has been set up for him.

Evidently, brutality and lies can get you elected.