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Biden Urged to Be #ClimatePresident by Taking These 10 'Game-Changing' Steps in First 10 Days in Office

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/09/biden-urged-be-climatepresident-taking-these-10-game-changing-steps-first-10-days

  1. State clearly and immediately that Ernest Moniz is not a contender for energy secretary

#The Biden Adviser Who Gives Climate Activists Nightmares

Ernest Moniz served as Obama’s secretary of energy. His ties to the fossil fuel industry have only deepened since then. Will Biden give him his old job back?



I don’t see anything on that list that addresses the harm being done by our current agricultural practices. From a Forbes article: "According to Peter Lehner, managing attorney for EarthJustice, a non-profit environmental law firm. “Most other studies, including by the UN and others, say that agriculture contributes much closer to 15 or 20 percent or more of world greenhouse gas emissions.”

We have to change how industries operate, as difficult as that may seem. This particular industry poses a huge problem that I never hear addressed.


“…Biden’s hands are tied on climate action without the Senate.”

THAT is exactly the excuse Obama used (and got away with) even while he have both houses and the WH. Bet Biden starts using that excuse (on anything Progressive) right out of the gate


As someone who has been been given the gift of Bridge this past year, I applaud the No Trump vote, but we must keep pressing for Change. Hoping didn’t work…


Biden has assembled what seems to be a decent covid task force.
AGW, habitat destruction by humans is an even greater threat.
Once again we are witnessing in real time how short sighted and anthropocentric humans are . . .

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Any realistic climate plan must include a robust plan to transform agriculture globally, to end:

  • financialized, dependency-generating, input-intensive, chemical- and fossil fuel-dependent, GMO mono-cropping for global trade of industrial commodity foods, industrial meat, and fractionated processed food products (to feed the globalized “free” trade economy of the predatory colonizing neoliberal corporate state);

And to promote:

  • labor-intensive, bio-diversity-enhancing, agro-ecological production of whole food for local and regional markets, accountable to communities and ecosystems.

Literally hundreds of billions of tons of carbon can be sequestered in soil and biomass while we feed the world and re-stabilize the ecology.


Didn’t Biden change his mind on not subsidizing the fossil fuel industry, and is continuing to subsidize them? Good luck with the rest of that wish list.

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Absolutely. WE THE PEOPLE (beginning of course with the climate action groups themselves) need to be working to prioritize the steps that will be required. The Ten Steps are very broad, and several are not even concrete steps but ideas, all of which are critical.

I am hoping that Biden will turn over a lot of the mechanics of this and the many other transitions, the heavy lifting, over to Ms. Harris, and see his role as a facilitator and ambassador at large (i.e., a front man), plus all of the quasi-formal duties of a president. Since just being the president is more than a full-time job, and since Biden will be doing well just to summon the stamina it requires, and since he has a relatively young, capable, and enthusiastic “second,” this would make good sense.

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We all have our cabinet wish list. I would suggest that most of the squad members would qualify for cabinet heads.
But when the crying starts from the right, I hope Biden tells them to pound sand.

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I think we need the squad right where it is.


I agree the Squad is needed where they are. And since Cabinet appointees need to be confirmed by the Senate, (I didn’t remember that was so) I doubt that we’ll see too many Progressives brought forward.

The most effective action that can be taken to stop global warming is a direct tax on carbon. Simply make it more expensive. Tax it at the mine or wellhead. We could be largely off fossil fuels in 8 years with the proper legislation.

These ten steps fail to even approach the number one contributor to carbon pollution, motorized transportation. Electric automobiles are expensive and rare. I know that there are a number of them in development but we need them to be available now not when the industry finds that there is a market and a demand sometime in the nebulous future. I envision the government producing small simple but serviceable cars and trucks that are sold at cost to encourage the population to accept electrically powered vehicles. While these vehicles are being developed the government mandates that every service station have at least one charging station and those with more than four fuel pumps have one charging station for every four pumps. As it is electricity is not really viable for long trips but commuters are our major problem. We desperately need portable electric power.