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Biden Won. Now Comes the Hard Part

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/25/biden-won-now-comes-hard-part

The age of trump has also shown us the soft under belly of our form of government. We have come close to becoming what we fought against 80 years ago. We are not out of the woods by any stretch of the imagination. We need to be vigilant for the foreseeable future.


it always rubs me the wrong way when somebody says biden won … just say biden was appointed because thats exactly what happened. the dnc stole the primary and quite possibly the presidential election … i have progressive politics but im not sure there is an honest vote anywhere in this country not even for dog catcher


The author is exactly right when he said “Peace without justice never lasts”, and without justice for the leaders of the cult to the far right, for all of their crimes, will embolden them and we will see a smarter, more cunning “Trump” like leader emerge in 2024. One who just might succeed in transforming this country into 1930’s Germany.


What exactly did Biden win?

A broken, dysfunctional country run by greedy, paid-off politicians clinging to power.

Many might say Biden lost, not counting those who watch FOX and all those right wing propaganda TV stations.

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Let us remember, the world came together to annihilate the Nazis.

If I’m still alive then, I’ll be a part of the forces against that evil.

To the death.


I agree, but who will save us as the world came together to save those like us in Germany? And the fact that most Germans who held the same beliefs as we do today, were either killed or imprisoned long before the world acted.


Other than those of us willing to fight, I reckon we will need to wait and see.

Please don’t be have any fear about it.

They may be able to take our life, but they’ll never be able to take our freedom to fight.


Well said, Sewergoon. Always be prepared.

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Oh, I don’t have any fear about it, and will fight to the death, it’s just food for thought. This time may be different anyway, Chris Hedges believes if/when we fall, we will take the world with us. Looking around the world at some very large population countries that have gone nationalism crazy, he might just be correct.


I’m a minority Trump voter and find the language of this article extremely offensive, dehumanizing and divisive with all the ‘cult’ talk and ‘existing in an alternative universe.’ You can’t make such allegations and not even attempt to try to understand why so many Trump voters who voted for many decades - win or lose - are so upset this go around. Instead you gaslight. I won’t even discuss the massive evidence of voter fraud allegations which you ignore. Let’s talk media and big tech collusion to get Joe Biden elected. Or how they politicized COVID19 to change election laws and give Joe Biden an advantage. Millions view this election as a sham a d it has nothing to do with Trump or cultism. For 4 years we endured #notmypresident, resist and impeachment, yet we’re told to shut up, unify and let the healing begin. I don’t think so.


Will bidden listen to the people or corporate capitalism?

He will do what he has always done - cave in to corporate capitalism, its in his DNA. Some may call him trump-lite.


Rey_B. this is exactly what the 1% wants the 99% to do - bicker amongst our selves. You mentioned all the key right wing talking points (voter fraud etc…) Sounds like you listen to fox, hanady, rushlimbau etc.

LISTEN! DNC=RNC, TrumpLite=Bidden, we the people are not being served by those we put in office. There is little difference between trump/joe

Since reagan, the peoples wages have fallen every single year in this two party system. Americans are too lazy to educate themselves on how this governing body has done this in SLOW MOTION. Watching TV or listening to talk show host is how america educates themselves…


Thanks for publishing this article. I needed a good laugh.

There is nothing funnier then when the Deathocrat supporters that are one half of the same cult as the Republikillers talk about the Republikiller supporters being in a cult.

Unfortunately, once the initial absurdity wears off all the people that have their lives destroyed and/or snuffed out by this cult make it seem not so funny after all.

Progressives make a lot of promises about what they will do in the future, but they always seem to not want to take any action now. This is because they are also financed by the big money interests now while promising to fix it in the future.

Until citizens demand candidates financed by small donors now so they will represent ordinary citizens, no matter what politicians call themselves or promise they will continue to represent the big money interests.

We must demand that all candidates from all parties take action to earn our vote before the elections by running small donor campaigns (no more than 200 dollars from any one donor per campaign- 200 primary, 200 general) and enforce that demand with our votes.

Basic democracy.

And we must start now for 2022 as the fundraising for 2022 has already begun.

Just 10% of the 150 million 2020 voters committing to only vote for small donor candidates in 2022 while investing just 100 dollars in contributions to small donor candidates would total 1.5 billion dollars and would be just the tip of the small donor iceberg.

And this would come with more than 10% of the vote as many citizens that cannot afford contributions could participate by committing to only vote for small donor candidates.

This could inspire some candidates in 2022 to run small donor campaigns to get those votes and that money which could inspire more citizens to participate in 2024 leading to more candidates participating in 2024.

Citizens can register at the One Demand website that they will be voting for small donor candidates (and casting a write in vote if there are no small donor candidates on their primary or general election ballots to register a vote against the big money candidates and to create and demonstrate demand for small donor candidates) and pledge contributions to small donor candidates.These contributions will be made directly from the participants to the candidates and not funneled through One Demand so the participants control who they contribute to.

It is a shame that Common Dreams won’t publish anything on this idea (other than allowing it in the comments) but has no problem publishing their preferred half of the cult and it’s lies in articles such as this one.


I believe there are enough of us who would fight for our freedom to prevent that scenario from having any lasting hold.

If they want it to get bloody, I promise it won’t be all mine.

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You won’t because you can’t. Even the Supreme Court dispelled those lies.

Go turn on FOX SPEWS and live in delusion.

Worship of a pathological liar is a sickness. Get help for yourself.

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And peace without justice for the leaders of the cult of the democrat corporation will also guarantee a Trump-like leader.

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The mythos is strong with this one.

Injustice and inequality still need to be addressed, alright, and that ought to have been as clear in the “Trump years” as ever, but Winters appears to have confused the President with his fig leaf. It leaves him wrangling, if nobly enough, with a collection of ad-concepts put forth by PR and TV.

There is a spread of mistakes, surely not exhaustive:

  • 4 years ago, Donald Trump was the least popular president-elect in US history. Edging that record out grants no mandate.
  • Biden campaigned on no agenda outside of not being Donald Trump and telling his rich cronies “Nothing will change.”
  • Joe Biden’s agenda is nothing if not aggressive. He is assembling his hawks to push for further war and austerity.
  • The US that Winters wants recovered is not Biden’s, nor something that recent presidents have supported.
  • People “inspired by the rantings of Donald Trump” do not qualify as an insurgency, though a few are criminal and more loudmouthed. Trump is small inspiration in this. The “inspiration” is that there remains no civil to confront the fundamental illegitimacy of US government.
  • Over the past four years, courts have not generally adhered to law, certainly including with respect to elections. I suspect that Winters does not really intend to suggest that they did, but the omission looms large.
  • Biden will not have “a hard enough time governing,” sadly. Lots of goons will be willing to crack down on egalitarian, antiwar, and ecological movements.
  • Neither Biden nor the majority of elected Democrats have any detectable impulse to pass legislation that “doesn’t include major giveaways to big business.” There are a few exceptions in either party, and more Democrats make more appropriate noises, but there is no Democratic crusade to ameliorate this.
  • Biden’s so-called “centrism” is 100% misnomer. Nothing in his position is central to the population, nor does he really occupy some mythological space between the two parties. He is a radical authoritarian corporatist and militarist. He is not particularly “to the left” of the Republican Party or of Donald Trump. Nor does his record show him to be free of racial, economic, or gender prejudice.

This appears to be the matrix of misunderstanding that generates them:

Winters indulges the dangerous assumption that because Joe Biden is affiliated with the Democratic Party and because the Democratic Party was between 1932 and 1992 more closely aligned with the ideals that Winters espouses than were the Republicans, that means that somehow Biden is a man of the people, more or less or kinda-sorta or whatever–surely he would qualify that in some way, but he writes here as though Biden and the administration were some sort of strayed ally and not psychopathic, hostile, and mordantly damaging. Yet a look at Biden’s own record shows that the latter is true.


good intentions PonyBoy. A new White Rose Society needs organizing. But be careful, your cover is already blown.

No, “opening the channels of communication with the Republicans” is not necessary, nor will it be effective. It will maintain the retched status quo, just like Joe Biden has worked tirelessly for all his political career. What do you think Biden means when he talks about 'reaching across the aisle"? He means doing what the corporate bakers want, just like the Republicans. The Democrats are just as beholden to the oligarchs and will never turn on them. I actually don’t see a solution ever coming from the Democrats, they are just as big a part of the problem as the Republicans. Then there is the oligarch-owned news media, goading voters to chose one oligarch-backed team or the other. It is a disaster, and I don’t see any clear path to fixing things.