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Biden's Climate Plan Not Nearly Enough, Say Green Groups

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/04/bidens-climate-plan-not-nearly-enough-say-green-groups

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I don’t know, Joe sort of seems like a progressive. It’s still 1955, isn’t it?


Good to see that a number of Dem candidates are putting out extensive policy proposals to deal with climate change. That says something that this huge issue is finally getting attention in the political sphere.

You won’t see anything on climate change coming from Trump and his ilk. In fact, what you have been seeing and will continue to see is a climate destruction acceleration plan.

As expected, Biden’s plan does not go far enough fast enough. Net zero by 2050 does not cut it (pun intended). Net zero is an excuse to not take full responsibility for cutting one’s own GHG emissions. Plus, his plan includes reliance on as yet non-existent (at scale) carbon capture and sequestration and expensive nuclear when there are more than viable renewable alternatives.

Good call from someone who said that the Biden climate plan barely addresses agriculture which is a huge area that has to be dealt with


What ever Joe Blow will say or do will never be enough. He’s the Puppet of the Dems, who are like Republicans, and have no desire what so ever to take on Any Big Industry. They are Addicts and need their payola fix too badly. The Polls will continue to Lie about Joe being the front runner and the people will believe it. The bought and paid for Media will never give Progressives equal footing. If we want change, we need to be aware that we’re being scammed as usual and get behind the leaders who do want change.


It’s June 4 and the entire Arctic Ocean is melting off.
An Arctic meltdown will release an estimated 1.7 trillion tons of greenhouse gases, boosting greenhouse gas levels from 415 ppm into the 1200 ppm range. If a particular candidate’s plan to inhibit this catastrophe is “Huh?” then that’s roughly what I think of him or her.

We need to subsidize farmers to put atmospheric carbon into the soil. The world’s best fields, 6 tons of corn per acre, are carbon-rich Amish farm fields in eastern Pennsylvania. We equally need to stop subsidizing the ethanol business, because growing a gallon of ethanol takes 92% of a gallon (equivalent) of fossil fuel, and that’s not good enough. Again, too many candidates say “Huh?”

In general we should be planning for the innovation and engineering that replaces fossil fuel use, usually with solar but we’ll look at a range of alternatives. Our goal is not to give gigantic corporations the big money for next to nothing. Our goal should be pay for merit. No, your local politician hasn’t heard of this either.

Please, climate organizations, get specific just as I did above.


Yes and we could not count on Joe Biden once elected to follow through. Once upon a time I liked Joe Biden but he is for status quo and will not rock this corrupt ride we have been taken on.


You are right on, are soil could be are savior. Stop big agr farm practices and subsidies and let the smaller farmers get the subsidies to take action for live soil that could again capture carbon.

It is amazing, 10 years ago I had dead soil with no microbes to be found nor worms. 10 years of composting and no chemicals and it is teeming with life and has been for 8 years.


Apparently the people don’t care, or scare enough. Public announcements should go out like clockwork, like pharma ads.
Explaining the minimum concerns and affects envisioned.
Do we start saving for retirement when we are 61 years old. No, that would be irresponsible.
If you have anything to save that is.
Tell the people about the minimum to expect, and when to expect it. It may shake up enough people to make it worth while.

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My distrust in Biden has grown with his support for Big Nuke.

No more Fukushimas, Chernobyls, Three Mile Islands, Hiroshimas, Nagasakis, leaking nuke dumps in land and sea, big or small.

The sun, the largest nuclear reactor, can provide enough energy in one hour to Power the World Economy for an Entire Year


The only green that Joe cares about is what is in his left hand in the above picture!


Another new study brings up a terrifying conclusion that the Poison air, water, food, cosmetics, plastics, etc, have had a huge impact on the human Brain. This affects everyone. Even people that don’t think too much… Anxiety, depression, hopelessness and the severe illnesses are all killing the population… But wasn’t this their Plan all along???

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If you really want Green, vote "Green."

All the rest, are just “imitations.”


Anyone who wholeheartedly promoted the Invasion of Iraq is not only a Racial Bigot who did not give a Fig about destroying the lives of our Arabian Brothers and Sisters, but is also a cold blooded psychopathic Killer and can Never get my support.

Joe the Barbarian has proved over and over again that he does not hold the lives of our fellow human beings sacrosanct and is willing to bomb and kill people without the slightest bit of evidence that they committed a crime against America. Only rumors that they had WMD, which UN inspectors could not substantiate.

On the Iraq issue alone I could not vote for him. His lack of judgement and lack of empathy is part of his racial bigotry, which he also clearly exemplified in his Crime Bill, showing indifference to indigence and a background of impoverishment that may have contributed to a life of hopelessness and crime.

Perhaps spending Billions of Dollar$ to give people a better education and better employment opportunities would have been better than spending Billions of Dollar$ on Prisons?

But Big Joe would have No part of Progressive Ideas. Now this dangerous politician is suddenly a Liberal with great Green Renewable Energy Ideas? I am not buying the Snake Oil.


Uncle Joe’s great grandkids. They’ll need to learn how to roast rat meat over a trash fire.


He is for the status quo unless you are referring to Iraq or Venezuela (and probably other places as well), in which case he is for invasion and installing a puppet regime.


Maybe not, but it’s a start and much better than Trump’s “plan”.

Candidates Bernie Sanders, Jay Inslee, Cory Booker, Elizabeth Warren, Tulsi Gabbard, Peter Buttigieg, Bill de Blasio, Marianne Williamson, Wayne Messam and Eric Swalwell all support a ban on hydraulic fracturing or “fracking,” according to a survey updated Monday by The Washington Post. Several other candidates, including Kirsten Gillibrand and Beto O’Rourke, would not ban fracking but support tougher environmental regulation of the oil and gas industry. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris did not respond to the survey.


There’s no way spending $1.7 trillion over 10 years ($170 billion per year) would create 10 million new jobs. It might create 10 million man-years of work (1 million new full-time jobs each lasting 10 years) but that is not the same thing at all.

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It isn’t just that whatever he promises won’t be enough. The biggest problem is that he has absolutely no intention of ever actually aggressively following through the way a progressive Democrat would do. His heart is still in corporate America and there is no way that he will change.

Ask him what he feels about net neutrality and then ask him what he intends to do about the several hundred thousand dollars he got from Comcast in his very first fundraiser. Ask him how he feels about relief of student loan debt. Ask him for evidence that he isn’t still in the pocket of Corporate America.


You bring up an excellent point about biofuels. At the moment, the energy content of the oil needed to create X amount of biofuel is about equal to the energy content of the biofuel produced. With our present technology, biofuels aren’t worthwhile except as a byproduct of some other function, like from cooking oil from fast food places. The only way ethanol can make it as a biofuel is because the brewers grain left over from distillation of corn is good, high protein cattle feed.