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Biden's Hawkish Foreign Policy Picks Are a Very Bad Sign

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/25/bidens-hawkish-foreign-policy-picks-are-very-bad-sign


Grateful for articles like this and Medea Benjamin whose energy, commitment to peace activism and unwavering bright light serves as a beacon through these dark times:


Protesting Michelle Flournoy for Defense Secretary… with salsa!


President Biden’s foreign policy team is so much more hawkish than Trump, that even Josh Hawley, the extreme right Senator and contender for Trump 2.0 in 2024, is criticizing him from the left.

“What a group of corporatists and war enthusiasts - and BigTech sellouts”
– Josh Hawley.


Proof positive exactly how far Right the Democratic Party has marched over the last fifty years.

And the saddest part? Watch the “resistance” collapse into silence, as the Biden regime amps up the slaughter across the Mideast and Africa.

After all, The Adults are back in charge…


More liberal phoniness.

I have no use for the crap which is Trump,

but the hypocrisy of the author is blatant when she portrays Trump as “warmongering”

while she does not use the same word to describe the Obama-Biden administration and wants us

to think Biden is better than his history of pushing many more wars than Trump.

Propaganda for hypocrites.

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Biden’s election is a very bad sign - now instead of circling right, the toilet’s circling left.


I am not convinced that the corporate Democratic leadership is to the left of Trump because they both seem to me like right wing extremists. The neoliberal Washington Consensus is totally a right wing thing, there is a consensus on that all around the world. Only we Americans are dumb enough to buy the crock of doo doo that they are anything other than more right wing corporate takeover of other nations and policy. Our alleged two party system is a theatrical performance.

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Just wanna second the motion. Sarah Lazare totally rocks, imho.

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Three words; military industrial complex.
I noticed the campaign promises of Barrack Obama went down the tubes as soon as he was briefed by the military and the national security agencies.
In order for the profiteers to continue profiteering the US must maintain an aggressive foreign policy and attempt to dominate the world on a military basis.
This not only deprives the nation of revenues which mostly end up hoarded in offshore accounts and nontaxable, it also creates public hostility to those we are told are our enemies, all the while enemies are created simply to make it necessary to spend billions to prepare to defend ourselves and the freedom of others.
The US will continue to escalate tensions with China, the new enemy while trying to maintain the nation as one of the worlds largest purchasers of American debt. LOL
Crazy is as Crazy does, we have learned that much and really, really don’t seem to mind.
Oh well, Disney is laying off 32,000 employees, LOL, maybe the party is over after all.

If you take Antony Blinken shirt off, he has swastikas all over his body…
These are evil people , just because you put him in a suit does not fool everyone.