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Biden's Mandate Is for Deep Solutions, Not Donor-Class Fetishism of Bipartisan Compromise

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/12/bidens-mandate-deep-solutions-not-donor-class-fetishism-bipartisan-compromise


It doesn’t matter how many times you repeat a lie. It is still a lie.


It doesn’t matter how many times you repeat a lie. It is still a lie.

But, it’s a lie that pays the mortgage, if you’re a columnist who’s paid to keep hope alive for the DNC’s wing of the Party of war, death, and austerity.


I’m not sure what color the sky is in this writers world, but 51-48 is not a mandate. Losing seats in the House is not a mandate. Losing ground in state houses in a census year is not a mandate.
And losing the senate yet again, while running center-right candidates is definitely not a mandate.
Maybe the author of this piece doesn’t know what mandate means.
Again, I will give Joe Biden the same consideration I did Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. Just don’t be surprised when a truly progressive agenda won’t even be attempted.


Mr. Koehler notes the “…donor class” in the article’s title. This is important: It was Wall Street who provided the impetus and political muscle to move our jobs to wherever labor was cheapest. These were your job and mine. Your mother’s job and my mother’s.
It is my belief that availability of jobs is the one determining factor in regards to the prevalence of crime, from domestic abuse, to labor law infringement, to drug trafficing and abuse, to potential domestic terrorism.
How do we shut-down Wall Street, and there-by, as the author describes, “…enlarge the soul” of this nation? We must first turn from amorality, materialism and ego-centricism.
The problem is not Donald Trump or Mitch McConnell. The problem is the Trump (greed) supporters that inhabit our very communities. They must be countered by aggressive government policy and by each of us, doing whatever we can to exclude them from our private and professional lives. They must be taught a lesson, and to think they will “listen” to us is folly. We must erase greed and materialism and aberrant individualism from our national, cultural consciousness. This can be done by 1.) the federal government making it as hard as possible for the stock market to continue its economic rampage and 2.) We, oursleves, must exclude right-wingers from our local and state governments, homes, schools and places of work. We have to take this threat seriously, and waiting will just make it harder.


“Restoring the soul of America” is an oxymoron. America has been invading and dictating power on other countries and on its own people for most of its existence. Does he mean the continent before it was discovered by the Europeans as America?

As for hopes that Biden will off a sudden turn around and become progressive after 45+ years of consistent more of the same, they sound like a very long improbable stretch. There was a reason Biden and Harris, two of the weakest candidates, were selected. Our fate, and that of 2024, were sealed with that selection.


When it is SO OBVIOUS (thank you), that the ROTpublicans will NEVER let the Democrats have an ounce of respect, or even the leisure not to have to defend themselves from FALSE accusations constantly, you are BRAIN DEAD if you think we’re going to “cooperate” in our own illegitimate denigration…

Because this is just the NEXT STEP in their (yes) plan for a Second Revolution (this time with a plan to make sure they NEVER have another Democrat in the WH, and ONLY a minority of them in the House and Senate).

So if they think we’re just gonna roll over for them, they’ve got another think coming… No, we know that EVERY action, EVERY word they spew (spew IS the correct term, when they Only know the LIES they get from THEIR OWN LYING MEDIA)…

Upset? Yeah, I guess you might say that… it does NOT provide confidence, when you witness your erstwhile political opponents… make themselves into your ENEMIES… by making US into THEIR enemies…