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Big Ag Poses a Major Obstacle to Combating the Climate Crisis

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/31/big-ag-poses-major-obstacle-combating-climate-crisis

From the Wise article on B’GAG the insatiable versus the nice folks at the UN, shaking their fingers:

As with most U.N. climate proposals, these seem like common sense, yet little seems to change. The reason is clear: the corporate interests threatened by such reforms are large and dominant, and they use their undue influence over governments to prevent progress.

Another characteristic shared between the twin behemoths B’GAG and B’GOIL: By the time you suspect someone’s making off with the store, it has already burned down.

It’s not “Too late now, nothing we can do.” (That’s another message of comfort to predators.) As complete Earthlings, our capacity for “doing” cannot hinge on whether it’s “too late now.” We are capable of fighting for Life on Earth, whatever’s left of the little liferaft. It’s a choice.


Some big time truths in this article, and the author could have gone even further. He could have talked about how Monsanto has been putting sustainable and organic farmers out of business for “stealing” their patent protected genetics when pollen from Monsanto seed drifts with the wind on to other farms and pollenates their crops. This is devastating for organic farms, it ruins their crop, only to have Monsanto drag these small farmers into court, with a battery of lawyers at their side, and win these cases, many times financially destroying the small farmer.
If Monsanto and Koch industries were truly “people”, as the SC has ruled, they would be hanging from the gallows for their devastating actions against farmers and our environment.


No, it’s not too late to turn this ongoing disaster around.
Yes, this author could of gone further in his criticism of the PTB, inside The Uniparty Consensus destroying every good thing it comes into contact with. They are, as a group, unredeemable filthy sellouts and true spreaders of many cancers.
The drifting pollinators of Big Agri-Business are sowing more than most people can see. Because the people have been divorced from their true roots. But it is a great metaphor to use. The test plots of Mr. Liebman aren’t an aberration; they are in fact, the way things used to be done in the 1960s in the Midwest. That’s an inconvenient truth to the Big Agri-Businesses and their well-oiled and well funded public relations machines.
To paraphrase Harry Truman, " a small of group of wealthy wild jackasses can kick down lots of good barns but it only takes a few divisions of dedicated carpenters to rebuild them. "
As one of my wise old professors told me 40+ yrs ago ( Iowa ), " organizations and gov’ts fall apart a heck of a lot faster than they come together. "

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Commercial Fertilizers in fact destroy our soils. They are highly acidic and strip the soil of all nutrients. When your body craves these nutrients because they are lacking it tells you are “hungry” and so you eat more. End result rising obesity.

They also kill beneficial organisms like earthworms and ground beetles which help aerate the soil and make it act more efficiently as a carbon sink. Commercial fertilizers are plants Crops , that while growing faster , having weak root structures. What is underground in the way of root structure can not support what is above ground in the way of the rest of the plant. This leads to unhealthy plants which are more susceptible to diseases and pests which in turn means more Chemicals used to ward off those diseases and pests.

All of those chemicals are then washed away into our groundwater, streams rivers and lakes killing the life that surrounds us.

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Most of the information in the article and in some comments is very familiar as agriculture and general care of plants is one of my interests. The inclusion Mexico’s battle to save the genetics of their corn diversity is similar to India’s fight against Monsanto’s legal fight to force farmers to buy Monsanto GMO seeds. Vandana Shiva’s fight for Law of Seed as a tool to protect seed freedom and seed food sovereignty of peoples in all parts of the world. Even after the federal court in India ruled that nature cannot be patented, Monsanto continued to fight to control the seed market.
So, Mr Wise while your suggestion to break up agribusiness could be a solution to combating non-sustainable farming how about describing the process.

The Production of Animal Products for Food is the Biggest Contributor to the Climate Crisis.

Go Vegan for Personal Health, for the Health of the Planet and end the Torture of Animals through the heartless cruel Agri-Biz process of Factory Farming of Sentient Animals, especially our fellow Mammals, which to me is a form of Cannibalism.

Looks like I should have spent some time in Editing for clarification.

Sequoia, I’ve eliminated meat from my diet due to inhuman and polluting facts of CAFOs and I noticed that there are others who are doing the same. But not near enough people are aware or even interested in how our food is produced, packaged and sold. There needs to be massive campaign to educate people. Oh wait there is one…The Sunrise Movement and many others surely have included The PetroChemicalAgroIndustry in their information ???