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Big Ag’s Fight for Twitter Credibility


Big Ag’s Fight for Twitter Credibility

Teresa Miller

Many consumers and food activists use social media platforms to stay informed and engage in important debates about the future of our food system. But increasing corporate influence in these spaces requires us to differentiate fact from spin as we encounter hundreds of posts and tweets per day. Big Ag’s attempts to shape social media debates expose its fear of criticism from a growing food movement demanding corporate transparency, regulation, and sustainable alternatives to industrial agriculture.


Brilliant reporting. This paradigm applies to all efforts to expose corporate dismembering of ecology and society: The corporate sector is working intensively not just to control every “resource” on Earth, but as part of their “full spectrum dominance” effort they work intensively to control our very consciousness, our ability to even hold critical thoughts.

Read Gayle McLaughlin’s essay here at Common Dreams today about Chevron in Richmond for another brilliant report on this fundamental problem.

No single battle, on any social or ecological front, can be won without a comprehensive dis-empowering of the corporate sectors.

Let me edit what i dashed off this morning before leaving the house:

No single victory, on any social or ecological front, can be secure without a comprehensive dis-empowering of the corporate sector, which will return from every “defeat” like the un-dead, to attack our rights, our power, and our consciousness from every possible angle, with vast resources and an endless supply of shameless twisted rhetoric and propaganda.


Great work and reporting Ms. Miller. If you check in with the C.D. forum, I’d like to inform you that this sort of opinion shaping in favor of Monsanto and friends is also a fixture at on-line message forums.

While Commondreams recently underwent a forum transformation that many of us are yet to fully understand, the bottom line is that thus far, its former Monsanto (and nuke power) apologists have gone missing.


Yesterday on PBS News Hour, in a panel discussion it was stated that 80% of scientists approve GMO food products and say there is no harm from eating them. I wonder where that comes from and if it is widely believed.

I also believe that Big Ag is infiltrating blogs like Daily Kos for example. Posters on the blog who oppose GMO food mostly for the pesticide use in their production are referred to as “anti-vaxxers” or “anti-science.” The discussions become nasty and it makes me wonder why people want to defend such growing practices on a liberal blog. The pro-GMO posters insist that good science is on their side.