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Big Ag Spars with the First Amendment


Big Ag Spars with the First Amendment

Jill Richardson

The First Amendment may be inconvenient to some people at times, but it’s still the law of the land. Case in point: so-called “ag-gag laws.”


There is no such thing as a humane factory farm or slaughterhouse. Eating grass fed beef, free range chickens, etc., may make the consumer feel better, maybe even smug and self-assured, but animals, including fish, are sentient beings and “harvesting” them, as if they were non-sentient plants, is murder and it cannot be sugar- coated. Eating dead bodies causes health problems. Moreover, many books have been written about the environmental destruction caused by the meat industry. Progressives have an affirmative obligation to drop out of the meat industry and to shop for the now-abundant vegetarian or vegan versions of beef, pork, etc. Is a progressive who follows the food choices of the “I don’t believe in Al Gore’s global warming hoax” brain-dead conservatives really a progressive? If we live the same lifestyle as a conservative, differing from them in rhetoric only, aren’t we hypocrites?


There are a number of moral and ethical as well as medical issues involved in Big Ag but in this instance it is simply whether or not the Constitutional right to free speech governs and the judge as said it most certainly does. Now all he fat a**ed oligarch supporters in the various state houses in these backward leaning Midwestern states can dust off their brains which they don’t use much and try a different method of silencing the public.


Those " fat axxed oligarch supporters " are quite aware of the corn and soybean, livestock and waste problems they have. They just don’t have an alternative being offered by the food, science and tech sectors. " It is hard to be against something you’re well subsidized to be for. " There are less than 100K farmers in Iowa, who receive $40 Billion in Fed support, but they have enormous clout courtesy of " we the people " and the Feds not letting us know what’s in our food, who grew it and/or giving us choices as to how to use the land. Or, not use it continuously, until it is just exhausted and poisoned. It is past time " to sort things out, for good " but having rights to free speech doesn’t mean hog squat if they’re not enforced. And, the enforcers are not on " we the people’s " side, here. There’s just too much subsidized money involved to do what needs to be done. Sad, really.


The comment about Africa ignores the important point that most countries have been economically taken over by Western interests where “investments” are for the profit of the rich investor, while the African farmers pay all the costs and no longer have a traditional lifestyle close to their environment. More money returns to the rich nations than stays in the poor ones.