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'Big Agri' Doesn’t Serve Us: Reflections on World Food Day


'Big Agri' Doesn’t Serve Us: Reflections on World Food Day

Vandana Shiva

During the last half-century, agriculture and food systems lost their way, in the darkness and fog created by corporations that made chemicals for warfare, through myths and paid propaganda - that poisons and synthetic chemicals are necessary to feed the world. For the industry it was a matter of extending their sources of profits long after the war was over.


The petrodollar economy is predicated upon inefficiency as that maximizes the profits off of petroleum and financial bleed-offs of all transactions made in the usury-based monetary system. This issue is at the root of why so much of the world does not make sense, including industrial agriculture.


I am no supporter of Monsanto, but the primary problem is not patents on seeds, it's the animal slaughter industry. Why are there so many articles aiming at peripheral problems and so few aiming at the heart of the problem?


The good news: What helps feed the world better, improves the seed, soil, and the agricultural environment; What produces clean energy, distributed power, more equal distribution of wealth, reduces global warming. The way forward to a successful future is all there, achievable, and good. Stop complaining and grab hold of it. Nothing is in our way.