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Big and Small, Near and Far... The Drones Are Coming


Big and Small, Near and Far... The Drones Are Coming

Jon Queally, staff writer

Near and far... the proliferation of drones is coming.

With the Federal Aviation Administration facing pressure from corporate interests and drone manufacturers to make room in the skies over the United States, the push for industry-friendly regulations is now in full gear.

Meanwhile, foreign governments are rapidly developing their own technology to make sure the era of the unmanned aircraft—so far dominated by the U.S. military—does not leave them stranded on the ground, both literally and strategically.


Who will blame China, when the drones have already been used in the worst possible way?


I heard on the radio yesterday that california has made it illegal to trespass or invade privacy with drones. not sure of the peramaters of privacy but supposedly there has to be a modicum of personal privacy with your home and property . I have wondered if the sales of ground to air disablers will spike , or maybe just some will bone up on their skeet skills .