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'Big Attack on Working People': Trump Moves to Redefine Poverty in Order to Slash Social Programs and Services for Millions

'Big Attack on Working People': Trump Moves to Redefine Poverty in Order to Slash Social Programs and Services for Millions

Julia Conley, staff writer

The Trump administration on Monday moved to change the definition of "poverty" in the United States in a proposal which combines the president's attempts to portray the U.S. economy as strong with his repeated attacks on the working poor and their access to government services.


“Let them eat cake” — Marie Antoinette

Precursor to widespread use of the guillotine after a rather bloody revolution…history repeats?


Every day gets worse for all of us yet we stay complacent with fear of getting arrested or attacked by Trumps hitmen. There needs to come a time, hopefully sooner than later, that we stop typing and debating, and get into the streets with a not so peaceful rally. They are counting on us Not to. We need to just start, which is the hardest part, then keep coming, and coming. Pushing back hard is the only way to stop our slaughter. This is the only thing these cowards fear. Now is our time. Wevhave nothing left to lose!


It may…anything, any incident, might spark this revolt, and probably something unspectacular will do that…


I hate these clucking jerks. I do. I apologize, but I do. They can’t find anything better to do with their fucking time between buying more cars, houses, companies et al than to find ways to make life even harder for the growing ranks of the poor.

Chained CPI? Hmmm, where have we heard this before.

Think chicken think!!!

Oh yes, Obama’s clucking Cat Food Commission that was headed by his choice Alan Simpson who had a long history of wanting to cut back New Deal Programs in particular Social Security.

Heck, Chained CPI was the product of that and Obama was set on pushing it through as a “reform” until there was sufficient push back and he withdrew it.

So, once again Corporate State Democrats are of the same ilk as Republicans.

The same clucking ilk.



Very true, we don’t. Here in Florida, Trump-type “mini-me’s” are strong-arming and bullying through plans for 3 massive, major toll roads through what little is left of rural Florida. Our state legislature rolled over for special interest big donor road builders. After having tried every other means to fight this, I’m thinking I may have to go and sit in front of a bulldozer and get arrested to protest this outrage, when it does come


Yes please!


I ‘hearted’ your comment and now I will finish what I started: hearted x 10!!!


Clinton used the same stunt with unemployment statistics for his fake “golden age”.

This is a pretty common maneuver. Define the problem away! No one checks under the hood anymore, so they’ll likely get away with it.

The reality is that the suppression of poverty statistics is about as old as the Great Society programs themselves. We haven’t officially adjusted poverty stats in decades. What’s one more assault?

Nothing will happen, except more will die quietly.


A billionaire redefining Poverty is the nauseating epitome of arrogance, sense of entitlement, and total disregard for the struggling working class…


I guess I am just stupid as this article leaves out alot of information. I thought inflation was already figured per CPI which deflates numbers already.

So will they reduce the poverty level to 20,000 and under to be eligible for food stamps et al.???

The unemployed rate is skewered so it looks lower than actually is. inflation at the moment as all those supposedly in the know says we don’t have inflation. Bulls**t
the cost of everything has gone up over the last almost 30 years since they changed CPI in 90’s and Wall Street took over all our lives. Look at food, housing, energy, gas, medical, drugs. WTF is Washington DC doing and I mean even those outside of Trump admin.


That was one of Obama’s dumbest moves, but his labor department wasn’t executing and defending outright attacks on workers. In fact, some of the list below includes overturning Obama era rules:

Appointees matter and right now, the labor department is run by a corrupt former prosecutor intent on undermining its mission for the benefit of his boss while working with the DOJ to overturn its own regulations in court.


Chain CPI? Does that mean we get to chain the Chief Polluting Idiot to a tree and take turns slapping him?

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The subject of the article was Chained CPI.

Corporate State Democrats are IN on this entire clucking mess with HISTORIC inequality devastating people’s lives all across this country.

Sure, you can counter that in total Republicans are worse than Democrats.

Corporate State Democrats however? Looking over the long haul of the last 40 years?

Same fucking ilk. Shall we review the 90’s? I know I know, not relevant whatsoever, right?

So, what’s your prediction on outcomes of Democrats providing oversight? You know what mine is, and looks like I’m on track.

No real consequence for Trump or anyone in his Administration. Hell the bar has been set pretty high! Take a nation to war based on demonstrable lies, commit heinous war crimes including torture…Corporate State Democrats have your back!

Mueller protects corporate interests intertwined with the corrupt Trump.

Impeachment will never happen and Trump will run for reelection thanks to the ultimate invisible market hand of Corporate State Democrats.

And Austerity will continue under the insufferable Biden, or our first dictator Trump.

And who would enable such? You guessed it. Corporate State Democrats.

Cluck them all.

Take the last word.


Absolutely! Just bring 1000 friends with you! Also, if we do decide to push them back, bring protection as well. This is an example of what all of us need to do.


My last sentence I meant Chained CPI for Social Security wasn’t happening, not yet at least. My mistake.

As to the House, I think Pelosi needs to stop talking. Telling the NYTimes that Trump won’t leave the White House if he loses, but waffling on impeachment is just dumb. Even if she doesn’t support impeachment per se, it’s stupid to take the threat off the table, even if she knows Mitch McConnell ain’t going to do a thing. Frankly, it feels like she and Hoyer are playing by yesterday’s rules. I get the feeling Nadler and Cummings are seeing things a bit more clearly.


America is dead from 1000 knives.


Exactly. Obama’s “grand bargain” included a chained CPI. And of course, Biden was the VP who didn’t object. Sanders, however, was fighting for us, as usual. https://www.thenation.com/article/23-million-petitioners-urge-rejection-chained-cpi-social-security-cut/


For the record, the vast majority of the Democratic caucus in congress opposed Chained CPI, not just Sanders. Sanders was on the Senate Budget Committee, a key jurisdictional committee for reviewing the budget and his opposition was important as a result, but he was hardly alone. Chained CPI was Obama’s worst mistake, by far, and the caucus never got behind him on it.

What concerns me about doing something like this, is it becoming violent. I am no pacifist; I do not believe in “turning the other cheek” and all that subservient, “milquetoast” crap; however, unless we as those who take a stand against the oligarchs, can resist falling into the understandably easy-to-drink “koolaid” of violence, we will be relegated to being very rapidly crushed by the machinery. I realize that there may come a point, should society begin massive and sustained revolts of different sorts, that there may come a time when we have to defend ourselves. But I will not start out by coming out into the streets with some form of weapon or protection, as you say. That would signify, to the powers that be, that we are looking to exert some type of intimidating effect, rather than taking a stand for the issue(s) at hand, in any particular “in the street” protest. Violence is an elixir which, once we get a taste of it, is hard not to wield again and again. I would rather begin with a strong but civil, non-violent stand whenever possible. If that seems out of touch, then maybe I had better not participate in street protests