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Big Backers of Clinton Foundation Found in Leaked Swiss Bank Files: Report


Big Backers of Clinton Foundation Found in Leaked Swiss Bank Files: Report

Jon Queally, staff writer

Large financial backers of the Clinton Foundation charitable fund have been found among those named in the trove of leaked documents from a Swiss division of HSBC bank this week, raising questions about the integrity of such individuals and what it says about the relationships they have with the powerful Clinton family.


All you need to know is that Larry Somers (sp?) is one of Shillary’s embedded trusted advisors. LS is like a chronic illness that has progressed to the stage of being terminal. A commenter on another thread sees the dark clouds of revolution gathering. I agree. Looks like Clinton and Bush in 2016, and America won’t wake from this nightmare. Oh, the revolution won’t happen here - don’t be silly - but the storm clouds are gathering.


Of course Clinton’s strategy is triangulation, how could it not be. It will continue to be the strategy untill it no longer works. That’s a long way off for now–How can I appear progressive and say things that will stir the crowd on issue like income and wealth inequality and at the same time not offend my real patrons, the ones who I really serve?.. Well, let’s see, how does Barack does it. First publically posture that you are sympathetic to a popular cause. Obama for example said that he would not oppose a public option for healthcare. Then send emails to big pharma telling them not to worry, that the Pres is in their corner, then having the big money pacified, use the corrupt reins of power in the Democratic party to crush those in oppositiomn till they cave, (Kuccinich for example) and then wash your hands saying there was nothing you could do about it. Don’t worry, none in the press will call out your duplicity–hey, they are corporate stooges just like you. The only problem is getting people to vote. Just tell them the Republicans are so much worse, yeah–that should do it.


Hillary Clinton can only promise more of the same in spite of the best populist rhetoric she can muster. She is well-connected and inseparable from the corporate oligarchy and its Nation Security State.


The Clinton’s never tire, they love the trappings. How to account for their on going popularity? Maybe they are an acquired taste, like pease porridge:

Pease Porridge Hot

Pease porridge hot,
Pease porridge cold,
Pease porridge in the pot,
Nine days old.

Some like it hot.
Some like it cold.
Some like it in the pot,
Nine days old.


Another story that tells us nothing new but at least serves to confirm what we’ve known for years, in this case about the Clintons.

Hillary need not worry, however. In addition to the fact that 90% of the American electorate does not understand how international banking works (legally or illegally), a compliant corporate media will make it appear that Hillary bravely charmed these people into supporting populist causes.

The Clintons have become the embodiment of eating shit.



Simply enter the names of those involved at theyrule.net.
Principals, corporations, cross-board interrelationships, etc, are generated with links for further research.


wa wa wa , hillary’s corrupt, wa wa wa

there are very few gandhis that will come along, and survive to make a difference, most of us will have to work within the system that is, and try to make what difference we can, including politicians


We live in a truly decadent era of civility. Our country has been transformed by anti-American characters best identified as domestic enemies. Citizens are pummeled with propaganda 24-7 and nobody decrying the evil of US policies, domestic and foreign, are allowed to openly dissent.

The republic is in shreds and citizens without a clue will trot to electronic controlled devices to validate a process without a shred of verification. The worst of our fellow countrymen are solidly in control of power and the electorate drowns in an ocean of ignorance…

It isn’t just Hillery. It’s the entire system of governance from local townships to the White House. “We the People…” are powerless under a rogue political system and by inertia Americans carry on as though the cavalry will save the day.


“Meet the new boss, same as the old boss”


Nothing really new here, just more plutocratic truth that American Presidents are selected…not elected. American, presidential elections are nothing but a dog and pony show ( the Republicans are the dogs and the Democrats are the pony’s ) for the masses of naive and politically sophomoric Americans.


Thanks, Old Goat! “Open source intelligence” is sort of a hobby of mine – another good source for mining. :chicken:


You’d have to be ON pot, in order to eat Pease Porridge.


That site really sez it all, noticed it yrs ago…


How is it legal for foreign nationals to contribute to American political campaigns? The perception of impropriety isn’t even the half of it. It’s widely recognized that money in politics has a corrosive effect, but this is beyond the pale. I won’t worry, though, Hillary will not get elected even if the Democratic solons find her irresistible. There are just too many voters that find her repellent.


Just more confirmation of what real progressives and leftists figured out long ago - the Clinton’s are out for themselves, and have been for over 30 years now. I take offense at the assumptions that she is the “inevitable” Democratic nominee. If that happens, she is the “inevitable” loser of the 2016 Presidential race. Run Bernie, run!


It’s widely recognized that money in politics has a corrosive effect, . . .

It’s widely recognized by everyone except a majority of the US Supreme Court, whose fascists have declared that money does not corrupt the political process as though their position has been proven in a scientific experiment.



Many names on the list of bilkers/thieves/robber barons also appear on the membership listings of the Bilderberg Group with both Clintons perennially attending the annual meetings held in “secret” places that include any number of the most elite of the elite grossly expensive resorts on the European continent.

Another gathering of multimillionaire-cum-billionaire investors who utilize the abilities of HSBC to hide their lucre is the Carlyle Group of which the Bush family is a lifetime member (their names were redacted when GWB ran for and won the presidency…twice no less. Redaction does not correlate to loss of membership.)

Since when is too much not enough?

Guess the uber rich leave their consciences out in the cold when it comes to counting their mounting piles of ill-gotten gains all-the-while moaning and groaning about how much taxes they pay (as a ruse, to be sure). Greed is good, stealth is better, obfuscation is best.


Clintons have been shaking down governments for decades. Recall when the Clinton Foundation had problems about 4 years ago? Clinton has been accused of drug running since a Gov. HSBC is known to be a large drug laundering bank. Dot forget, when Hilary was Sec. of State, she and Lanny Davis and the CIA overthrew the democratically elected president and installed an oligharch drug lord. Its the main reason why Honduras is now a murder capital in Central America. Please support Bernie Sanders for Pres. and Elizabeth Warren as vp…its we the peoples, only way out of this shadow government corporate owned empire.


Absolutely yes, and note how seamlessly they melded into American politics.