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Big Bank 'Greenwashing' Exposed as Major Climate Week Sponsors Fund Fossil Fuels


Big Bank 'Greenwashing' Exposed as Major Climate Week Sponsors Fund Fossil Fuels

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Big bank sponsorship of Climate Week 2016, a week-long event that kicked off Monday in New York City, "amounts to little more than greenwashing," according one environmental organization, given financial institutions' business-as-usual investment in fossil fuels.

Indeed, Rainforest Action Network (RAN) charges three major sponsors—Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, and Bank of the West (BNP Paribas)—with "helping [to] drive the climate crisis" through their ongoing funding of extreme fossil fuels such as coal and tar sands oil.


This is what Trump is doing for Climate Week 2016....

** The Duquesne Club - founded by Pittsburgh's historical steel, mining, oil and railroad robber-barons is a highly exclusive downtown club for the wealthy worker-and-earth-raping capitalists of the region. So much for Trump being some kind of champion of the working class - white or otherwise.

AND, we can be sure whatever he says, it essentially be the exact opposite of this:



The B of A has been a duplicitous agent and go between for the federal government for decades. It's funded wars in Central and South America and laundered the stolen money of dictators.
To quote an icon of the music industry, "B of A & Company, USA......where monkey business is big business."


But Killery Shillery Hitlery Clinton is a baby-eating fascist dragon who started the Korean war.


Hillary is a "baby-eating fascist dragon" lady, but was too young to have started the Korean war.
She did start the Libyan war and the Syrian war however.


Hillary is a "baby-eating fascist dragon" lady who did start the Libyan war and the Syrian war as well as overthrowing governments in Honduras and Ukraine.


Sure, she started the Syrian war. It had nothing to do with Tunisia or Egypt or actual Syrians or Iraq. And she started the war in Libya, which had absolutely nothing to do with David Cameron or Nicolas Sarkozy. Let's throw Yemen in there too for good measure. And Pakistan.

She also started the AIDs epidemic and firebombed Tokyo. She refused Hitler admission to art school and set up Unit 731, right after she killed Jesus and got everyone kicked out of Eden. She's the Single Worst Person in History, and don't let any actual facts trick you into thinking otherwise. Complexity is the enemy of purity. Trump, Trump, Tru... I mean, Stein, Stein, Stein!


Capitalism requires infinite growth on a finite planet.


So, according to the Stein-Trump for President campaign, Hillary even started the Syrian war?

Fact Check #1

Ever hear of this brutal dictator named Bashar Assad - and his violence against a largely peaceful democratic resistance, leading into a death-spiral of violence and extremism? Go here:

Read the entire article and see of the word "Hillary" or "Clinton" appears anywhere.

Conclusion - Accusation is utter nonsense fabricated out of thin air.

Fact Check #2:

Like Syria, a war was already underway - who started the violence is unclear - before there was any western intervention and it was France and the UK who pushed for the 17 nation intervention the hardest. The intervention was ill-conceived and it might be argued took the wrong side, and Hillary certainly had a role in it. But did she start the war? No.

Oh, and Qaddafi was no freedom-fighting hero.

Conclusion - As the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy might have said: the accusation is very nearly utter nonsense fabricated out of thin air.


I emailed boa that i would be ending my long term banking relationship with them. reason i gave, their funding of energy transfer co. and others. funny, no response from corporate hq.


Stein is not going to win, so a vote for Stein in my contested state is a vote for Trump. A vote for Stein is also a choice to put narcissistic personal feelings of self-righteousness over the fate of humanity - particularly nonwhite humanity and the poor. You are white and comfortable-smug middle-class right? And no, I'm not a "Hillbot", I've voted for the Green or Nader in every election since 1996 including Stein in 2012, but Trump and his fascist followers are not a Romney, McCain, or even GW Bush.

Are you forgetting that switching electric generation from coal to natural gas was a quick way to immediately cut CO2 emissions by 30 percent? it has since become disputed, due to factors offsetting the CO2 savings, but it was reasonable policy at the time. Fracking is what made this this possible as conventional natural gas reserves were largely depleted. No, fracking itself is not the devils spawn any more than any other potentially polluting industrial process is.

Stop driving a car - or at a minimum gasoline-powered one, stop using air conditioning, turn your heat down and wear warm clothes in winter, get a high-efficiency furnace, use only LED lighting, and purchase electricity from a renewable supplier as I have. Join an activist organization in your community and get involved. Quit expecting someone else to take action instead of you.

And believe it or not, you can do these things only because the evil Democrats and Evil Obama have put numerous federal programs in place regarding global warming like these:

  • LED Bulbs are available only because of federal lighting efficiency standards.

  • Wind and solar energy is only being developed because of federal renewable generation tax subsidies.

  • Car manufacturers are developing and making electric cars only because of the $7500 tax credit plus comparable state tax credits to purchasers of EV's

  • The fuel efficiency of IC engine cars is being improved only because of continuously increasing federal fuel efficiency standards.

  • Cities are improving their public transit only because of hard-fought federal transit funding assistance in the transportation bills.

  • Coal power plants are being shut down everywhere in part because of tougher federal pollution regulations - with tougher ones on the way.

If Trump and his even more extremist friends get the reins of government - we have zero prospect of new tough climate measures and our fighting for them will get us is assaulted by the Trump-loving police, and all the above existing stuff will be abolished. If Hillary is elected, we will get some measures, and the chance for tougher measures if we fight for them.


I'm not hijacking the thread - the topic is "Climate Week" and I'm comparing the climate positions of the two persons - one of which will be the next president. Like their responses regarding the Chelsea and St. Cloud "Muslim terrorists" , the difference is pretty dramatic, eh?


Incredible. Accusing people who have been members of this website for years longer than you of being paid trolls, and calling people scum over their electoral opinions.

You people have lost all sense of proportion and are too excited over your own rhetoric to realize you have no clue what you're talking about.


Thanks for sharing your opinion which is, of course, only that, opinion. Most of the informed would disagree but that's okay,too. As most of the world says Americans are not too bright.