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Big, Bold, and Bad: The New Wisconsin Way


Big, Bold, and Bad: The New Wisconsin Way

Bill Lueders

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker says that, to win the Presidency, Republicans need to embrace “big, bold ideas” of the sort for which he has become known. Beyond appealing to his party’s base, this message seems to be inspiring his state’s GOP-controlled legislature.


This article compels a reexamination of ideas like progress and modernity. After all, a moral midget cum sociopath like Scott Walker would have been shamed had he lived in an earlier Indigenous American tribe. Bankrolled by sociopaths like The Koch Brothers, this disgusting less than human being is unfettered in his personal ambitions in that he lacks a conscience, altogether. The only thing that matters to ones like him is what he can get away with. He is the poster child for “might makes right” on the level of state authority.

And to those forum advocates of this sort of bullying behavior (as shown in their hostility for the individuals fleeced or those whose lives have been impacted, rather than those DOING the hostile hustle), people like Scott Walker get into positions of power due to CONSERVATIVE CHRISTIAN voters. They are NOT a majority and they do not speak for all citizens. Unfortunately these horrors get major funding and they hire PR teams that sex up their images. They lie through their teeth about their wish to improve lives while gutting all of the programs that indeed satisfy that objective. They have decent-looking wives and children, are typically white Christian males, and they fit the “professional image” since the male god Mars, modeled “divinity” into his own image and likeness. However, this god of war and “might makes right” is only one-twelfth of the grand, Divine panoply. And I will continue to give witness to OTHER than this misfit since so many who sit in these threads, arguably to SHAPE opinion insist that HE speaks for all, and that HIS martial flaws constitute the whole “truth” about human nature.

They argue for Scott Walker and Rick Scott and Chris Christie and all of the muscular fools (now emitted from “both” political camps) who push for war while cutting social programs. These misfits are about to sign into law what a functional Democracy would recognize as treasonous–since the TPP literally blocks any nation from standing up to the trespassing policies of today’s pharaohs: the global corporations that now control high percentages of the entire world’s medicines, food and seed stock, entertainment media/industries, weapons, and that pinnacle of Disaster Capitalism: money, itself.


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Big bold idea: Let your milk cows vote. They can’t do worse than the people of Wisconsin.


Many of my Wisconsin friends believe that it’s not so much the voters, as it is the control of voting and vote counting…


Strangely enough those who actually lead our troops seem to have figured out that it is easier to keep the peace by keeping the locals busy and out of mischief making a modest living doing something more constructive than what they had been doing. They also want major improvements to our gird to harden it against electromagnetic pulse and weather-related disaster and to integrate wind and solar. And they also want lots of renewable energy, mostly wind and solar because they are both plentiful and close to price-competitive with fossil fuel already but also whatever other renewable energy they can get including geothermal for electric power.