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Big Brother Surveillance of Black Lives Matter Protests Exposed


Big Brother Surveillance of Black Lives Matter Protests Exposed

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Participants in Black Lives Matter protests have marked an all-too-common rite of passage for social justice movements in the U.S.—they've been systematically spied on by the federal government.


One must assume that in addition to surveillance that infiltration is also likely. After that and being from the Sixties, I immediately thought of agent provocateurs egging on well meaning people to excess. After reading this article the unfortunate excess shown by the senseless targeting of a civil rights supporter like Bernie seems very like a new iteration of the old days of cointelpro and similar anti progressive and social justice programs that brought dirty tricks into play against the progressive advocates of that era.

A convenient media hit that blunted Bernie’s momentum… gee what a coincidence, I guess?


We’re a police state. No way around it. The DOD spied on the peaceful protest organized by the American Friends that I was on sometime around 2005 in Akron, Ohio (Cannot remember the year exactly). We white people have to quit fooling ourselves. Blacks have always known this, and in ways much more violent and perverse. Those who think Sanders will be a savior really don’t understand liberals or the inner workings of our capitalistic society, nor capitalism itself for that matter.


People die when social change is forced upon the people who seek to control us. Regardless of what she did or didn’t do in the video, what her mental state was or wasn’t, whether she had marihuana in her system or not, if that police officer had just given her a ticket and ignored whatever it was that pissed him off like an immature little boy, she would not be dead. Bottom line. What’s it gonna take?


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Yes, it does have a chilling effect on free speech, association, assembly, and petition for redress.
I had this crap done to me, and it is most likely ongoing.



Big Brother cannot demonize peace movements or use communists anymore like when the F.B.I. accused MLK’s non-violent civil rights movement of having communist support. But sure as hell! If the Black Lives Matter movement gets any traction…well you know the rest.


Now that a black Homeland Security director is investigating Black Lives Matter it will be interesting when a black Attorney General prosecutes them for some bogus charge and a black President says, Hey, they belong in jail 'cause they broke the law (remember Chelsea Manning). Whew, what has it all come to…


The problem is coast to coast. This generation of Law Enforcement see themselves as Supercitizens, far above the law, who can break any law at all, even while being videotaped, and the good Feds at NSA and FBI will edit out the frames of video showing illegal cover-up behavior. The Fusion groups concept means that cops now illegally search at roadside: a suspect’s credit rating, federal profile in a program called MainCore where all suspicions and surveillance by dozens of agencies pop up in a second, and countless other details in massive government databases.

So an uneducated redneck cop is now actually JUDGE, JURY AND EXECUTIONER with a torture device called a taser.

Of course, any protest activity against cop behavior is an automatic violent encounter. This isn’t a few bad apple cops. This is a systemic failure of this government to obey the highest law in the land: The US Constitution; specifically, the Bill of Rights which forbids this kind of Robocop shoot-from-the-hip farce of Justice. Before the Police State reared it’s ugly head, this kind of intrusive spying info was reserved to educated officers of the court and a jury of one’s peers. Now any hillbilly cop can turn into Dirty Harry and kill people he suspects of committing crimes.

Of course, any protest activity against cop behavior is an automatic violent encounter. Defy police brutality and become their next frame-up target, assisted by the Five Eyes.

How far our fair society has fallen.


No “mission creep”

Just a sinisterly creepy mission to control


Good God! and i thought that the Democrat Obamabots were bad. Now we have the Bernie-bots.

No. The young BLM attendees to the netroots activism conference, asking pointed questions to the rather compromised, white, and clueless-about-racism (and war, and Zionism) Democrat candidate Sanders were NOT agent provocateurs!!!


Yeah, no way the deep state is prepared to tolerate Sanders in the White House. There will be something done soon to knock him out.
And yes, most Americans think affirmative action is just fine for Blacks – in the prisons.


How many blacks have been killed by today’s Republicans and how many have been killed by members of other political parties?

Why doesn’t the media say that the Council of Conservative Citizens membership is 100% Republican?

If Republicans are burning black churches, why hasn’t there been a black demonstration in one of the GOP gatherings instead?

Inquiring minds would like to know.

And if you were hired by Kochs and Rove to suppress the vote on CD, wouldn’t you pretend to be a hard core progressive?


You hit the nail right on the head.

We are indeed living in a police state and there is really nothing we can do about it.

We can always strive to fight the good fight, but the only way anything will truly change is with subsequent generations taking over world wide.

Raise your children well, people.


This strategy has actually been powerfully successful in crushing out the voices of those who have opposed our “war on the poor” since Clinton brought that war to fruition. Especially targeted have been those who detail how and why the anti-poor agenda of this generation ensures the ending of the middle class as we knew it. The leading liberal media were largely compelled to avoid addressing today’s poverty crisis, much less the misinformation about poverty-related issues, so have put their focus on the better-off, launching an era of middle class elitism. Of course, a legitimate examination of US poverty would, necessarily, conclude that the poverty crisis is rooted in the tremendous power that corporate wealth now has over the US government. That’s not a discussion we’re supposed to have.


I think we see only a small portion of what’s going on, and most people focus only on those things that directly impact their own lives. We can similarly ask how many poor people have died/been killed by today’s government, and the policy choices of our better-off, the middle class. It has been virtual “open season” on our homeless poor for years, as they’ve been beaten, brutalized, even killed, but citizens and police. (Note: The majority of very poor/homeless are white.) These deaths don’t bring liberal protests, no media coverage, no interest whatsoever. “It was just some homeless bum.”





Unless we pull our fingers out pretty damned soon, there won’t be any subsequent generations.


Off subject but thought I would just throw it in, very interesting:

The $160 Billion Cost: Why Ukraine’s Viktor Yanukovych Spurned EU’s Offer, on 20 Nov. 2013 | Global Research - Centre for Research on Globalization


Why would government provocateurs target Sanders when he represents absolutely no threat to the status quo? That both Sanders and O’Malley were completely incapacitated by Black activists jockeying for position within a “progressive” organization largely controlled by neoliberal Democrats reinforces their deep connections to a Capitalist status quo that relies on structural racism, and the factionalizing it fosters.

You can get away with a lot of bullshit about Bernie. He has spent four decades digging that well. But agent provocateurs? Really?