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Big Business Is Threatening Mother Earth


Big Business Is Threatening Mother Earth

Tracy Rector

Right now, corporations threaten the lifeblood of Mother Earth. There are thousands of water protectors mobilized against the Dakota Access pipeline (DAPL) in Cannonball, North Dakota, on the traditional territories of the Standing Rock Sioux Nation, guaranteed to the Tribe in the 1851 and 1868 treaties with the US government. The activists at Standing Rock are not only concerned with protecting their sovereign rights, history, and land; they’re fighting for the health of the land and water for millions of US citizens along the Missouri River.


A huge Wopila and Pilamya to you sister Tracy. :heart:


Three times the size of Bakken and using the same fracking techniques to extract. All that holds the Corporations back from developing this is the low price of oil.

The economic system called Capitalism makes the destruction of ecosystems profitable by externalizing costs onto the backs of the people and the Earth. It the greatest crime in history .


It is the greatesst crime, and Wars are being fought in the middle east over this as we speak. I am ashamed of our government's eyes closed approach to this. Let's orgainize no buy day starting right here. How about this coming Friday which will bump off to the holiday season?