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Big Businesses Runs America - But Who's Running Big Businesses?


Big Businesses Runs America - But Who's Running Big Businesses?

Joe Jackson

Corporate boards of directors play a critical role in America’s economy, and who’s on them matters. By and large, White men still run big business and big business runs America.


History proves there is no shortage of women and non-white males who, if put in charge of corporations that are required by law to act in the best interests of their shareholders, would run things no different than white males do.

Our uncontrolled capitalism problem drives all of our inequality problems, economic, racial, gender, etc. Changing corporate players does NOTHING to get corporations under control. Until corporations are controlled none of our inequality problems can be solved.


What the hell is Commondreams thinking, publishing this egregious BS? Beyond its defective headline grammar, it’s this article’s moral and logical defects that astound. It opens with the blithe acknowledgement that it’s Big Businesses that run America - not the citizens - as noted in the now famous 2014 Princeton study that found “the preferences of the average American appear to have only a minuscule, near-zero, statistically non-significant impact upon public policy.”

But instead of railing against this cancerous corporate takeover of the body politic and the blatant betrayal of all our democratic dreams, its only concern is injecting more women and minorities into these malignant concentrations of illegitimate power.

It’s like a Confederate “reformer” remarking “OK, yes, of course, slaveholders run the South, but look how pitifully few female, Hispanic or gay slaveholders there are. Up with slaveholder diversity! That will surely fix everything.”

The corporate castration of a democratic society was one of the few election pledges that Reagan, Bush I and Cheney all kept. The Clintons, Obama and now this author all shrug - “Well, too bad about that, but let’s at least boost gender and ethnic equality in the operating suite.”

This opportunistic resignation is really too sad for words, and am really stunned that CD endorses it.


" For example, Apple’s former VP of Diversity, Denise Young, stepped down last November after only six months on the job amidst an outcry regarding her comment that a room of “12 white, blue-eyed, blonde men” could be diverse."

So Apple hired a black woman as VP of Diversity and she was forced to step down because her view of diversity did not match the PC version of diversity. Talk about being receptive to other’s points of view.