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Big Food 'Expands Its Tentacles' with Heinz-Kraft Deal


Big Food 'Expands Its Tentacles' with Heinz-Kraft Deal

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

In a consolidation that will birth the fifth largest food company in the world, H.J. Heinz Company announced on Wednesday its plan to purchase Kraft Foods.


Ya, Buffet already “improved” the lives of hundreds of Canadian families in Leamington Ontario by shutting down the cornerstone operation of Heinz Cdn ketchup production. The facility was sold to a smaller firm which only hired back a fraction of the original workforce.

Like the Burger King/Tim Horton’s “merger”, this is just another profit-grab at workers’/communities’/taxpayers’ expense.


Eat whole, locally grown foods and help create a market for those providing these. Stop buying from and feeding the industrial food dinosaurs. Let them starve. This is a socio-economic issue too with the poor having less money to buy wholesome food and it’s limited availability in urban and rural food deserts. Support urban and community farming for all!


My thoughts exactly. We’re in a difficult transition period that will possibly continue for generations. Recognition of the nutritional and health questions have seen both the state and local non-profits working with farmers markets and co-ops to add 10%+ value to food stamps. I’d add that many small local farms participate in gleaning programs to serve community kitchens and food banks. In the town where I live the 2nd year of the gleaning program saw a growth in # of participating farms - mostly organic - to the tune of 50,000 lbs of veggies and fruits.
Small local scale farms are uniquely positioned to integrate with community in this way to benefit of all. Volunteer with a gleaning program!! Sunshine, good company, fresh air and love of one’s neighbor made active.


There can only be one.

The Highlander tag line is certainly appropriate here. In capitalism the big fish eat the little fish and get bigger until only one is left - or you get a few big fish cooperating to eliminate actual competition.

In that environment consumers are screwed, much like viewers of Highlander II.

Someone should have told the producers there could only be one.


Of course this Monopoly merger is going to sail through without any bumps. The second most powerful politician in the world is behind it, the Secretary of State, John “Billionaire Heinez” Kerry.

But if you eat any of the items on that list in this article, you are going to get sick and die early. It’s not real food. You can bet your one-foot-in-the-grave boots that John Kerry doesn’t eat this chit. Otherwise he’d look like the old heavy-set Clinton used to and need a quadruple bypass like Clinton needed. You can bet Clinton doesn’t eat this crap either, anymore.

You’ve seen how dishonest the GMO Food industry is. If you can’t pick it off a tree or shake it off a bush yourself, don’t put it in you mouth.


Folks. Just like the corporate, delusional, dinosaur news is destroying your brain, so is the corporate food ruining your physical health. What is so insidious, is corporate food is like eating slow poison and that usually takes a long time for this miasma to completely appear as ill health. Corporate food is filled with GMO.s, preservatives and who knows what else! In order to give it a long shelf to enhance the corporate bottom line. Example: Raw milk is much healthier for you than pasteurized milk and while it is true that pasteurization keeps milk from becoming easily contaminated ( because most of the healthy bacteria and minerals are boiled out ) the real reason is: pasteurized milk has a much longer shelf life than raw milk and enhances the dairy industries bottom line.


The eventual outcome in the US is the NFM, National Food Monopoly. One day the NFM will learn to make food lite by reducing food value so that people can eat as much as they want and dial in the obesity factor of their own free choice.


You beat me to the punch with the John Kerry connection, which the article failed to mention-
Kudos to you TJ-