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Big Headlines for a Tiny Wage Hike


Big Headlines for a Tiny Wage Hike

Sam Pizzigati

Lloyd Blankfein, one of America’s most powerful bankers, a few years ago told a reporter that his Goldman Sachs financial colossus was doing “God’s work.”


Another example of the MSM distracting us from the real news, blaming the victims and rewarding the perpetrators.


Banker and corporate human parasites on society and nations must have their power broken - add the war-machine and war-profiteers to that dynamic and we will accomplish something great. Their obscene "pay" for usury and scheming how to rob and destroy Mother Earth and careers built on the deaths of millions are crimes against humanity, regardless how packaged and sold, and should be seen as such - and damn fast!


Every business, the JPMorgan chief pronounced, needs to do its part to “address economic inequality.” As a nation, he added, “we must find ways” to help Americans “move up the economic ladder.”
This will give anyone a good laugh. This pig has no right to speak on the subject.
The fact that the rich really do think they are doing God's work is just as sick. This thought process is not new. The one's that meet behind closed doors and decide how to screw us again, really do feel they are entitled to control the world, after all, they are grotesquely rich because they are so much smarter than everyone else.
Greed is on of the seven deadly sins and they have a monopoly on it.


Big Headlines for a Tiny Wage Hike

It all depends. If an employee was making $10/hr and now makes $12 that's a 20% raise. over a year that''s more than $3000. Can't remembr when i got a raise like that.


The wage hike is over three years.

On average makes a difference of 60 cents per hour per year.

Property managers in the USA indicate that they expect to raise their rent on by around 8 percent in 2016.


Rental prices in the USA for a one bedroom one bathroom apartment average around 1200 a month. You can certainly find places cheaper in smaller towns in the midwest but then Jamies bank will have few employees there. An increase of 8 percent a month means an increase of some 1150 dollars a year just for rent.

60 cents per hour raise based on a full work year is around 1200$$. This raise barely pay for the added costs of rent. Rent is not the only thing increasing in costs. Food prices climb as example by several percentage points. Medical expenses are climbing.


You might have a point there but usually the low aid ones like that are tellers any they are all over the place including the midwest. The ones in larger cities do have their wages adjusted for the locale.

All that might be a moot point tho as most of the tellers will soon be replaced with video booths where customers will interact with a machine and see a human face only if necessary.


In New York City the median teller pay is 12.00 an hour.This is one of the most expensive cities in the US. In San Diego it is 11.00$$ per hour.

That 15 dollars an hour upper limit is for those living in expensive locations and is for senior employees.

Just for purposes of comparion JP Morgan after tax profits per employee is around 100,000 dollars. Apple is around 400,000 and Walmart is around 13000 Walmart employees are subsidized by the taxpayer to the tune of around 4500$$ each.



I guess that's the going rate for a teller in those cities. As long as tellers are not quitting and find better paying jobs that's what the market will allow.


On a yearly basis, even if Dimon worked everyday, including Sat, Sun and Holidays his DAILY salary would be $73,972.60 per DAY.
If he worked 24hrs of Every Day, never off the clock, for 365 days, his hourly wage would be $3082.19 per HOUR.
If he worked a 40 hr week, his wage would be $13,500 per hour,
So, he offers his minions a $1.85 per hour raise spread out over three years and only because he was forced to.
His "Big Headlines"?
Brought to you by those same wonderful folks, The Corporate Media, who gave us the Bernie Blackout.


I helped a friend move yesterday. It was hot so I went to a nearby store for my first coke of the year. The price was $1.85 so I decided on the drinking fountain instead.

I earned minimum wage of $1.25 as a fourteen year-old; that was 12.5 10¢ sodas per hour.

12.5 sodas/hr x $1.85 = $23.12/hr minimum wage in constant soda pop dollars.

Jamie Dimon is as stupid as the woman in France who said, "Let them eat cake."


Advance inside the bank or try outside. Turnover for bank teller is about 50%. So i guess they are going somewhere else.


Not sure, Herr Donald, what Israel has to do with all this. And, anyway, everybody love a winner. Nothing wrong with that. It's about the only civilized place in that part of the world.