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Big Institutions—Immunities, Impunities and Insanities


Big Institutions—Immunities, Impunities and Insanities

Ralph Nader

One of the first times I used the phrase “institutional insanity” was in 1973 to describe the behavior of scientist Dixy Lee Ray, chairperson of the presumed regulatory agency, the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC). I pointed out that her personal and academic roles were quite normal. But her running of the AEC—pressing for 1,000 nuclear plants in the U.S.


If you voted for Big Money candidates and they kept representing the Big Money interests instead of you would you demand that candidates finance their campaigns with small contributions?

And if someone has been contacting you since 2015 (following the parameters set out by Ralph himself in articles) would you continue to ignore this person or respond to the proposal that could be part of the solution to the problem of Big Money in politics?





As noted elsewhere, We need a new ‘Magna Carta’! — a law or laws to protect ‘Us the People’ from being oppressed and ripped off by the members of “our” government and by the Multi-NaZional Korporations which own it.


Whomever the original “Kings” … all Royalty has morphed into corporations.
The whole thing is still full of Palace intrigue, crime and murder.
Same thing, but we now call it government.

And this is government which for more than 60 years has deceived the public
with a rigged electoral system of corporate candidates, and CIA Gladio control
over those elections, not only here, but throughout the world in order to ensure
that only the right wing would rise and hold power.

They were removed and arrested by police, Chairman Orrin Hatch told them to “shut up,”
and Bill Cassidy literally yawned through the turmoil.
Democrat Ron Wyden called the spectacle "an abomination,” which aptly sums up the state of the Republic.<

Words aren’t a satisfactory response to this treatment of citizens – disabled
citizens, in fact – the most vulnerable among us.
It calls for full recognition of the reality that Hatch and the GOP – and most of
our Democratic Party is criminal and murderous and we need to be thinking
about dismantling the police state we already have – that is, our MIC/CIA/NSA
and every other part of this corrupt government which serves the fascist demands
of Elites/wealthy.

Let’s consider that every one of us serves this corruption every day that we pay
taxes to give them funds to be used for illegal wars of aggression …
and every day that we participate in their rigged elections – or participate in their
suicidal system of capitalism.
We are supporting fascism every time we engage in any of those ways.

And as we consider all of this, keep in mind that it fascism has always been moved
into place by violence, and will only continue in violence and increasing violence.


Ralph makes many pertinent observations showing the growing exasperation of average individuals trying to survive the ‘system’ that operates 'above the law. Even now Congress has sneaked a provision in a bill,(sorry, don’t know the name) that effectively does away with the ability for a group of individuals to launch a class action lawsuit, one of the best methods to fight large corporations with essentially unlimited legal resources. The ‘conservative’ Supreme Court will probably hold it up if appealed. IOW we’re probably screwed, to put it bluntly, with few ways to fight an increasingly corrupt financial corporate system; whether poisoning the environment, financial vampires, or any number of corporate structures acting above the law.
I recently posted to a foreigner that we have a three tiered legal system: Those that operate above the law with no prosecutions; those that break the law and can usually get off with the purchase of a good defense, and the rest of us that have to take a plea to avoid lengthy sentences if we lose. Ralph Nader has always fought the corrupt system of corporate hijinks, look at how the safety of cars has improved since the 60’s, and he still fights today but I don’t know how to fight the “system”, I wish I did.


The country is at a stalemate; the deplorables against the rest of us. This will probably not be resolved by compromise. The cockroaches only scurry back under the toilet when the lights are turned on.


It is going to take a lot more organized, larger scale protesting to get change in this country. Face it, the corporations under the guidance of billionaires like the Kochs, have instituted a silent coup and taken over the government. Things had been near perfect for the corporate overlords since Reagan was in office, and this continued through Clinton, Bush Jr and then Obama, but now with Trump they literally have the captains of industry in charge of overseeing industry. They control the news media completely (unless you watch news like Democracy Now). Major IT corporations now have intimate ties with the surveillance industry. The situation is only going to get worse unless much larger shows of public opposition become the norm.


“Institutional insanity” and its cousin groupthink have reduced the number of Murkins who engage in any critical thinking.


Ralph you have been fighting the good fights since the 60’s which is as far as my memory goes, much good came of your efforts but over the last few decades it has all slipped away.

Why? We the people became more complacent? We the people don’t vote? We the people vote against our own best interest? Why?

The Brainwashing of My Dad answers some of those questions.

Thank you for still being here and not giving up.


Mark Twain sated that the US government is “The Finest Government That Money Can Buy”. Just as true now as it was back then. My opinion is that it was designed into the system from the start. Ask why our “Founding Fathers” rejected the parliamentary form of government in favor of our system of “checks and balances”? The parliamentary governments of the rest of the developed world appear to be much more representative of the desires of the people than is the case here. They (the rest of the developed world) have national health insurance, a level of welfare benefits far higher than is the case here in the USA which seems today to mostly represent the wealthy and the big corporations. Even the European “right” is actually far to the left of our own Democratic party. Which by European standards would be considered “right wing conservative”. And Bernie Sanders would be just a “middle of the road” politician by their standards.


Thank you Ralph, for this article, and for a lifetime spent working for the people’s best interests!
Please keep trying to talk sense to the Public, and Truth to Power. Some of us always listen to what you have to say.


It’s hard to organize people who are addicted to Fox and Facebook!


We have needed a new, improved god for at least 3k years, but may not ever get it [or her, him]. Presently, at least all or most christian gods [some 40k of them], command their respective followers to obey all US governments [Ro 1:6].

And since christians and other believers in US comprise about 90% of the population, it means that what Nader has just adduced will continue and i now add: Get even a lot worse than it is now.
100% sure! I have been ‘predicting’ worsenings in US for ‘lower’ classes for over a decade; alas hadn’t yet been wrong!

And note, please, that the god of the bible is not ever idle. He has his long fingers in everything, but more so in governance of a country, than in any other realm.

So, what is left for satan to do, if biblical teaching is true that there is god and that he made everything?
This means that satan is not even in control of the hordes or bad angels, bad spirits, and demons not.