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Big Media Get Big Things Wrong on Venezuela

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/15/big-media-get-big-things-wrong-venezuela

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Between NPR’s totally biased coverage of Venezuela and their non coverage of Bernie’s campaign I’m fed finally fed up.


I urge anyone who wants to know what the Venezuela situation is really about to read William Blum’s (1995) Killing Hope. Venezuela is just another chapter unfolding. Big Money feels entitled to Venezuela, much like it does to everywhere else in the world, but first the narrative has to be polished and the populace persuaded to rationalize Uncle Sam stepping in to “save democracy” yet again.


When you find a news outlet that covers the Sanders campaign, let me know. I actually believe that MSNBC tells their “guest pundits” not to mention Sanders if possible. Whenever Fox mentions Sanders, Socialist/Socialism is often the only adjective they use to describe him.

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Since the first escapade in Iraq, I’ve referred to NPR as “National Pentagon Radio.” It’s really a center-right pro-business enterprise.

“Venezuela coverage suggests journalistic rigor is taking a backseat to … alchemy of profit protection and state fealty”

Neoliberal, corporate MSM is not subordinating its interests in any way out of state fealty when the state is serving corporate interests exactly in attacking a socialist, oil rich country. The state and the MSM are both serving US corporate interests (and that includes the MSM itself).

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You nailed it, and it’s all too obvious on ignoring Bernie’s campaign.
To 1Nall’s comment that we are fed up is something many are feeling. In the same breath though, isn’t that just what the right-wing-nuts want. If we throw in the towel, then what?
A free run to a dictatorship?

There have been outside interests (corporations, foreign oligarch, etc…) that have been involved for better or worse in Venezuela since the Spanish murdered the majority of indigenous peoples.
But Chavez, and unfortunately now Maduro, are an absolutely horrific, short-sighted. simpleton plan for the country. Its new Chavista government is structured in an “anti-dissent” structure that has allowed Putin to turn Russia into a one-party government, and has allowed Cuba to lock up its democracy for 60 years now under a one-party governmental prison island. I have nothing good to say about mainstream journalism, but to speak of “modern” Venezuela without 100% acknowledgement that democracy was gone when Chavez allowed Cuba to oversee his sovereignty and military. Chavez was an imperialist, he freely under his own guidance (and Cuba/Russia’s) signed his people to HUGE debts tonoutside governments.
Chavez made his government absolutely weak and vulnerable to bigger fish looking to get bigger, left leaning OR right. That’s not the issue. Chavez put his people on the chopping block of the IMF, China and Russia’s central government, the list goes on.
Maduro. They must own up to their horrible, horrible lack of foresight to the future in apparent inability to count in basic arithmetic.

Here’s some more consumption for the masses:

Eduardo Delgado Rodriguez/Cuban G2 Secret Service in Venezuela
La Tumba in Caracas
The self-governed prison system of Venezuela
Chavez’s dual (what a coincidence) BILLIONAIRE daughters…?
The Derwick Corp and many, many other false companies and all the hundreds of bolichicos that STOLE hundreds of BILLIONS of Venezuelan citizens money in false government contracts (this is the culprit for the complete lack of infrastructure development and maintenance of the Venezuelan electrical grid)

Hey, give 'em a break–they’re only reporting what they’re told to.

Of course, not only do none of them seem to mind being told what to report, they seem relieved that their job of going out and finding answers to questions has been replaced by the much easier task of regurgitating state department press releases, or however they specifically do it.

The last straw for me with MSNBC was in the Primary in 2016 when some political analyst was on the Chris Hayes show and she started talking about Sanders and Hayes didn’t realize the camera was on him and literally put his finger to his mouth, the shushing gesture, with a concerned look on his face. She changed subjects.

That was it. People think Hayes is the ‘most liberal’ news talk show host on cable, and he literally gestured to a guest to stop talking about Sanders.


It can hardly be said often enough – Main Stream News IS Corporate news. Don’t get lost in the weeds of trying to decide if the media leans right or left, but think of it as the ESTABLISHMENT media. And what is the establishment but MONEY! Money owns our media, our elections, our representatives and our government. The establishment is also doing its damndest to own our minds as well, but to protect your mind question ALL authority, follow the money as best you can, and hear as many sides to an issue as you can before making up your mind. Gopherit

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A totally biased article. The big media isn’t really getting things wrong on Venezuela. Last May 2018 it was not a real election. It was a sham election in where Maduro picked his opponent and banned the opposition from running. STOP SUPPORTING A CRIMINAL AND DICTATORIAL REGIME. Venezuela deserves to be open to the world making progress.

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Bernie and Chris Wallace, Fox News discuss Bernie’s policies and actually given plenty of time o express his views. Not that I watch Fox but I do like Chris Wallace.

Venz people needs the US to lift Sanctions. How many democratic elected Presidents have US removed and insert dictators?

Can you point out a misstatement of facts by the author?

Welcome Brian.
Maybe do some more reading here on Commondreams so you can leave an informed comment next time.

patricia_scully - “When you find a news outlet that covers the Sanders campaign, let me know.”

“Real Progressives,” “TYT,” “The Real News Network,” “The Humanist Report,” and “The Rational National.” I feel like I’m leaving out several, but I can’t think of any more right now.

Link TV, FSTV, Democracy Now… But comparatively how many people watch THESE outlets compared to NBC, CBS, ABC, and all the cable outlets especially Fox, CNN and MSNBC? All these I mentioned you hardly hear a POSITIVE whisper from. That was my point.

I don’t really care for Wallace, but I watched him on Fox News Sunday and was impressed. His “standing” at Fox is the ONLY reason that piece aired.