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'Big Mistake': Progressives Slam Biden Campaign for Dismissal of Muslim-American Advocate Linda Sarsour

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/20/big-mistake-progressives-slam-biden-campaign-dismissal-muslim-american-advocate


Establishment Dems are so idiotic in their blind support for Israel, regardless of how corrupt and cruel the Israeli government is and has been for years. Boycott, Divest, and Sanctions for Israel for their oppression of Palestinians.


$$$$ talks. It is unfortunate that the Jewish lobby blindly follows Israel and doesn’t realize that Zionism, which is Jewish supremacist, is very much at odds with the humanitarian Jewish tradition pre WWII. The Zionists weren’t that popular back then as they were more interested in sending people to Palestine than keeping them out of the camps. They became more dominant after the war.


The real meddling in US elections has been by Israel for many decades - Israeli leaders said and worked hard long ago to “get America into our fight” - against the Palestinians specifically, and Muslims generally, to secure the Occupied Territories to be for Jews only, racist ethnic cleansing and supremacist mindset.

The DP has been their craven lackey and boot-licker ever since always supporting Israeli brutality and countless killings of Palestinians and others including American citizens for the promise of a (very) few votes! The current Dem platform and its candidates Biden and Harris no damn different - puppets and craven stooges for Israeli racism! BS!

The DP politicians always make the pilgrimage to AIPAC to prostrate themselves to AIPAC as the cowards they are, ignorant or uncaring of the truth of the Israeli occupation and Crimes Against Humanity!

The Democratic Party establishment will always be the tool of Israel and its racist motives, ignoring their attack (and cover-up) on the USS Liberty killing/wounding over 200 US sailors! and numerous other attacks in various forms against the US - counting on our stupidity to do their wars for them! The Mossad motto is “By Way of Deception Thou Shalt Do War” and the Dems and Republican traitors do their bidding as planned!


BDS! Zionism IS Racism! NO more Billions in tribute to Israeli racism and Apartheid!


Thank You


Don’t think bydone wants to be elected

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I sincerely hope that he is big enough to admit this mistake and back-track – though that may be hoping too much.


every day a new attack on progressives–on any attempt at bringing relief to the American people with universal health care(M4A)-on anyone who dares question the establishment’s corporate power–stifles the attempts to bring science into the discussion on climate—says the cops need MORE money and then hires a cop to be on his ticket (incidentally --the cop who let Mnuchin walk away from his crimes in CA -instead of sending him to jail where he belongs–and THEN took money from his bank for her Senate run–corrupt -corrupt corrupt)-the Dems better start to realize they are going to have to bring MORE than “I am not Trump” to the table -instead of sticking sharp objects into our eyes every day in support of their corporate masters–expecting me to vote for THIS evil without giving me even a napkin to hide my shame behind is pathetic in the extreme


I suggest you follow the AIPAC money to find out.


I admit it is a BIG hope, but there is always a slim chance and given any chance, I will push him that direction, as I see some other peace and justice groups are doing.

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The Democratic Party has become a second enemy of the people. They can’t survive or we won’t.


My thoughts precisely; thanks for sparing me the need to write it out (again).


Biden and his team make a point of giving a good hard slap in the face to the progressive base every week. No wait–it’s getting closer to the election, once a week isn’t enough.


Fine, you guys will get another 4 years of tramp, and you deserve it, I hope the border bet wen Canada and USA is close for another TRAMP years, Putin will help him so start learning Russian.

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Pray tell, when will be allowed to vote for a candidate that supports the positions we favor?

Shouldn’t a candidate need to earn my vote?

If not, I need some education on how democracy is supposed to work, because I thought who I vote for was supposed to be a reflection of what I believe in.

Besides, other than the grift and the graft (and maybe not even that) the differences between the Democrats and the Republicans has ever so blurred. Mostly it’s just Trump’s comprehensive incompetence that underlies your comment. An equally incompetent Democrat wouldn’t present much of a different picture.


The blame game has already started eh. Don’t even start with us, point your ire where it belongs, the disgusting, rightwing, anti-worker, democratic party.


Well, “YOU guys,” who apparently get your exercise jumping to conclusions, also fail even to make an ATTEMPT at “critical thinking,” formerly known simply as “thinking.” Read the comment that I was merely agreeing with, the first one below the header from poiticscorner, and tell me where s/he even mentions her or his voting plans. I certainly did not say anything about how I expect to vote.

After the likely disastrous coronation of Biden I seriously considered voting Green, as I have done frequently in the past couple of decades for the simple reason that far from helping to dig us out of the hole, the corporate Democrats–who are in no way centrist–are digging us in deeper with every election cycle.

But after a couple of days I cooled down, deciding to once again hold my nose and vote for a candidate who would likely set us back several more years, having taken positions well to the right of center throughout his long career, and likely locking in climate collapse. If you don’t remember how he paved the way for Clarence “Uncle” Thomas, in some ways farther to the right than the late Antonin Scalia, while treating a woman who was and still is twice the intellectual and diplomat that he is as badly as Dr. Christine Blasey Ford was treated a couple of years ago, look that incident up. But despite that and many other reasons he should never even have run for the presidency, the alternative probably WOULD be even worse.

But now he has contradicted himself on at least one important issue (health care; at the moment he’s against it), and his party has taken every other major issue off the table and silenced all members of the Democratic leadership who express any reservations about him (ALL of whom have pledged to vote for him). In their place installed aging Republicans, all or most of them white males, all of them well to the right of Uncle Joe himself.

So I remain undecided. I’ve been watching USian politics go steadily downhill for more than 60 years, and I know my history quite a bit better than most “Americans.” Clearly Trump is cementing the quasi-fascism that has been growing for decades. I would not vote for him in a million years, or any other Republican today without a written apology for the damage they have done in just the past 25 years. The problem is that the forces behind that kind of regime are not going away, and I have NO reason to believe that Uncle Joe has either the political savvy or the will to prevent them from ousting him, as they have done many times in many countries.

So before you criticize anyone for what you THINK they said, take a couple of steps back and think about what they actually said.


I share your ambivalence, uncertainty and hesitance.


While I have always found Sarsour to be a boorish dingbat that doesn’t seem to recognize the symbol of slavery she wears in her head, this thing reeks of the DNC consolidating power before the end of the convention and the abandonment of of any “promises” made to the progressive majority.
This fish stinks from the head down.

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…After the Mango Maniac’s scourge, then we have to take on the DINO’s…and the corporations with them, like Teddy did to the steel grifters 120 years ago and FDR did with various corporate tax fraudsters…