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Big Money vs. Black Lives: Movement Connects Money in Politics to Racial Justice


Big Money vs. Black Lives: Movement Connects Money in Politics to Racial Justice

Chris Kromm

This week, a coalition of more than 50 organizations connected to the Black Lives Matter movement released a highly-anticipated policy agenda document, "A Vision for Black Lives."

Rooted in the cause launched in 2013 to protest the killings of African Americans by police, the document began to take shape at a gathering in Cleveland last year. According to the coalition's website, it aims to "articulate a common vision and agenda" for the movement.


Does this mean that Black :Lives Matter (BLM) will endorse a POTUS candidate who isn’t in the pockets of Wall Street and its military industrial complex, the biggest source of money in politics ?


CounterSpin, the weekly radio program of FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting) had a great interview on this on their latest show. Here is the link http://fair.org/home/ash-lee-woodard-henderson-on-a-vision-for-black-lives-william-hartung-on-us-arms-trade/


What right wing pabulum.

Sometimes you pretend to be anti-establishment and Left-leaning. But to downplay both Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter is to sound like one of those cranky old fart white male conservatives who had a problem with “action in the streets” during the turbulent 1960s.

These movements are working for the justice and human rights that any TRUE friend of Progressive values (or Socialism) would deeply value… not mock!


This pattern of white male elites holding the reins of power began with the very first settlers in the 17th century. Why change something that has worked so beautifully to benefit these leeches and their offspring? They will resist and fight tooth and nail to retain their advantages.


Oh Matt. Throwing a little gasoline on the fire, just to see what ignites? Shame.


What is wrong with the headline again? And exactly what “bullshit” are we to be seeing through?

What’s with the TM smear? What, you are insinuating that BLM is all about monetizing the factual injustices they point out and are organizing and fighting against?

OWS was stupid? Seems like the message has stuck pretty well about what exists in the US as oligarchy, duopoly, control by the 1%, et al. And that was accomplished at great odds. I mean, they were just so “stupid” that DHS coordinated fusion centers with local police depts, mass surveillance on organizers and participants was brought to bear against them, and a large scale coordinated and brutal attack finally ended the occupations, but the message survived.

And all you have is this petty clucking smear to offer?

I’ll stick with defending OWS and BLM, thank you very much.