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'Big-Monied Interests Are Getting Very Nervous': Sanders Leads in New Hampshire Poll

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/26/big-monied-interests-are-getting-very-nervous-sanders-leads-new-hampshire-poll

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Always remember the DNCs defense in court that they have no legal obligation to recognize the results of a primary because they are, in their words, “a private corporation with a proper board that can make unilateral decisions as it sees fit.”

The ultimate “Trump” card always belongs to power. Question is, would they use this electoral version of the “nuclear option”?


Then they would toss the youth vote in the shitter.


If they do use the ‘nuclear option’ I believe that it could be a catalyst for complacent Americans to finally hit the streets to overthrow the government that no longer serves We the People. I would support that effort with my last breath.


I can’t help but wonder what Sanders victories in Iowa and New Hampshire would do to the democratic establishment. The reasonable person would assume that they would use it as a nationwide campaign launch to “re establish” the liberal street cred of the Democratic Party.
However, here in reality land we will probably see a DNC community theater reenactment of “Night of the Long Knives.”


I’ve been telling people that this election season is sure starting to resemble 1968. You know, the year the democratic establishment tried to ram the corporate toady Humphrey down our throats. Then the kids got together and drafted Bobby into the race.
In short, Bobby ends up dead. The impotent Humphrey is nominated. The kids are beaten to a pulp by Daley’s thugs in Chicago, Nixon gets elected, and the that youth vote becomes an entire generation of non voters, or worse, Reagan democrats.
If I were Bernie I’d start wearing a suit of armor and hire a food taster.


Here’s another good one

Clinton Says Sanders Achieved “Nothing.” My Community Clinic Shows She’s Wrong.

While it was Clinton’s comments about “Bernie bros” and her initial reluctance to say whether she would support Sanders if he won the Democratic nomination that set off a firestorm of controversy, her comments on Sanders’s congressional record were what struck me.

Regardless of which candidate one prefers, it’s hard to deny Sanders’s record of accomplishments over the years…


true but,
as many here and elsewhere have pointed out, The DNC would rather see Trump have another 4 years than Bernie.


The Dem Leadership is taking bribes from the same entities as the Reich so, Follow the Money. THAT is where the DNC loyalties, lie.

“It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”
― Upton Sinclair,

ALso in todays news:

Sanders Takes Commanding Lead in New Iowa Poll

Think where Bernie would be if Warren were not in it as a Clintonista Spoiler


Add a helmet to a full armor suit.


It’s hard to believe that Bernie could suffer such a fate since trump hasn’t been harmed to date.

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Warren was the only one of the four to see her support drop.

And yet the identity politics-slanted DesMoines Register just endorsed her.
"I’m With Her" Act 2




excellent. The article I linked calls BS on Clinton and has a few examples but this one is more extensive.
Thanks - It’s in my ammo box now.

NOTE: Unfortunately - The video at the end ( Here is one of the most inspiring videos of Bernie Sanders you will ever see:) has been scrubbed by YouTube because the account was terminated. interesting eh?


It is high time that “private corporation’” that is the current “Democratic Party”, that has “no legal obligation” to serve the people,- the rank and file of that party, and all America ns -finally be seen as such, and the big-lie of that entity being democratic in any real sense, finally sinks-in to the American people.
The consequense ces of another betrayal of the popular will by those elements, those betrayers, and servants of wealth first and foremost, will be the formation of a new political party, conceived with actual liberty and justice for all at its core, not just the entrenched figureheads and their bosses that control half of the duopoly that serves wealth and the system above all else.

If only that consequence is realized and the resolve to build such a party after throwing the old guard on the dung-heap of history as a threat to the 99% and sustainable future!

Bernie 2020 for all the people and sustainable future!


Yep…but not a surprise, Phred.

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Well, they dumped us working class victims of theirs, without explaining how this wasn’t installing Trump in 2016, cui bono?

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I wonder if we can elicit some posters for the rallies that echo a warning about the assassination of the of JKF, MLK, RK, Fred Hampton and Malcolm X and others. Just to let “them” know that they are being watched as if they care.

Anyway it is an idea and we know that the situation will worsen. We owe allegiance those above and to Julian, Chelsea, and many others. Already a police state with local police departments armed with military equipment including tanks how much more will be tolerated?


This bit of depressing Reality cannot be emphasized or brought up often enough.

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You need not go all the way back to 1968 since 2016 will work just fine as it is an excellent example of when the DNC succeeded in ramming the corporate toady Hillary down our throats.