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'Big News': GAO Says Top Trump DHS Officials Wolf and Cuccinelli Appointed Illegally

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/14/big-news-gao-says-top-trump-dhs-officials-wolf-and-cuccinelli-appointed-illegally


Just a little technicality. I’m sure both halves of our single party will be able to come together soon, and get this paperwork straightened out.


turning over to inspector general.
small news. - no effect in DC.
Over 200,000 dead from virus is big news.
Folks and families without enough income for
rent, groceries, is big news.
Post office removing sorting machinery from
service is big news.

Polling results on TV - please be careful.
It is early and negative opinions by white people
and Mexicans may harden against democrats.

I do not yet know exactly why. Perceptions
of candidates? Independents are important
to persuade right now. Do not think they
will suddenly change their minds in late

No member of the current administration will even say so much as, “oops.” This “technicality” will be “addressed” weeks after the alleged election is over.


So now we are calling stooges, ideologues? Shouldn’t the new postmaster general be included in this group?
I hear people making noise about all of the trumpism going on, but very little real pushback.
Law and order doesn’t seem to apply to the suits.


That’s because the rules were made by psychopaths to protect themselves.

In a healthy society, Trump would be charged with abuse of discretion, be fined a substantial amount, and be forced to pay back their salaries x some multiplier out of his own pocket. But the US isn’t currently a healthy society.


We have to change the law- so that anyone accepting an “illegal” position with the government should be personally held accountable for the crime.

Now for those who claim that’s unfair. Remember the ages old rule. “Ignorance of the Law is NO Excuse!” That would cause many would-be henchmen to reconsider taking on an illegal position. :slight_smile:


Tough to push back when Senate Republicans enable the gangsterism. State Republicans defend the nonsense.

When the chief law enforcement officer Bill Barr is nothing but a Trump toady how do you push back? Take to the street to protest? Where you can be beaten injured or even killed by anonymous Trump inspired thugs who could care less about law and order and more about loyalty to Trump.

When the “Blue Crush” comes this November. It is very important that responsible dedicated law enforcement bring Trump, Barr, Pence, Pompeo, even Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham to trial for abandoning their sworn oaths to protect and defend the constitution.

No frigging “We want to look forward not behind us.” These criminals must be made examples of.


HMM you really can’t see the people in the Democratic party that are NOT willing to accept the status quo and same old same old?

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Agree 100%.


A “bipartisan” “let’s look forward” kinda thing


All those republicans that voted NO at Donal j trump’s impeachment trial violated the constitution. Some actually did so before the trial even began.
If trump wins they all get pardons though.

It’s well past time for congress to earn that big salary they recieve.

Article II of the U.S. Constitution:

“The President is to see that the laws are faithfully executed, though he or she may grant reprieves and pardons except regarding Congressional impeachment of himself or other federal officers.”

Now there are those here who will say, “what’s the point, the Senate won’t remove them”, to that I say maybe, but lets let them explain that to the voters right before an election, when quite a few of them are in tight political races.

House members, get off your butts, and do your dam job.

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since the Democrats have refused to hold the criminals in the Republican party accountable for their crimes(ranging from treason -to the illegal theft of an election-to lying us into the war we are still fighting) for over 5 decades and counting-I am not expecting anything of substance to be done-oh they have given and will give hundreds of inspirational speeches --actually doing something -as history unfortunately shows-not so much–

Ho-hum, strong letter follows.


A “bipartisan” “let’s look forward” kinda thing

Now we’re all on the same page…
Another Corporation for Public Broadcasting contracting out of investigative journalism to non-profit NGO’s kinda feel good moment. That’s what I call ALL THINGS CONSIDERED

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