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Big Oil Can’t Go On Like This


Big Oil Can’t Go On Like This

Emily Schwartz Greco

Ensuring that our planet remains hospitable requires leaving about three-quarters of all oil, gas, and coal deposits underground or beneath the sea floor. And forgoing all those fossil fuels to avert a climate catastrophe means that loads of companies need to change the way they do business — or go out of business.


When an energy powerhouse like EXXON takes on the tactics of Big Tobacco to relay lies that thwart global adjustment to climate change (and literally preempt any efforts to remedy changes to climate) and many die, go hungry, or face homelessness... then lousy karma is created.

Perhaps the obfuscation of Truth about global warming coupled with the lust for the blood profits of oil have worked against those that thought oil would prove their unlimited supply of Black Gold.

With world prices tumbling, protest movements growing, some politicians speaking up about climate chaos, and major divestment programs... that pendulum that arcs towards justice (as related by Dr. King) just might be showing itself.

And the Whales and Dolphins also give thanks!


Awwww, poor babies, couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of sociopaths!


As long as the price of oil stays below the price of extracting oil, none of it will be extracted—except as an emergency war policy or as a taxpayer-subsidized effort to prop up the oil corporations.

Since it's already subsidized, ending that policy and making anything like it illegal, at the same time we convince (aka force) governments to subsidize and build renewable energy infrastructure as fast as possible will keep the trend of incredible shrinking oil companies going until they simply don't exist any more. IF we also keep prices low for gas, coal and met-petrolic substances we may be able to speed up our transition enough for civilization to survive.