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Big Oil Knew. Big Oil Lied. And Planet Earth Got Fried


Big Oil Knew. Big Oil Lied. And Planet Earth Got Fried.

Jon Queally, staff writer

They knew. They lied. And the planet and its people are now paying the ultimate price.

It's no secret that the fossil fuel industry—the set of companies and corporate interests which profit most from the burning of coal, oil, and gas—have been the largest purveyors and funders of climate change denialism in the world.


The analogy with Big Tobacco is apt. You have to wonder about the motivations of the big corpse (No, it’s not a spelling error.) Death wish? Fermi Paradox?


I’m picturing Sen. Mitch McConnell in a two handed Nixon-esque victory pose shaking his jowls and stating “I am not a scientist.”


and with the TPP and the Atlantic equivalent , the corpse s (zombie economics?) will be able to sue the nations that create safety regulations / precautions protecting the environment and population of the world , because it will be affecting their bottom line/ future profits ??? talk about playing futures …Gezzzzz


It is just a total focus on making the biggest profit possible without regard to consequences - psychopathic thinking. Same with big pharma.


Maybe his statement should be “I am not a human being!”


” [75] years ago the tyranny was Nazism. Today it is pursuit of profit without moral compass or responsibility”.
Polly Higgins

Profit is the motivation. To compare this radical evil with Nazism is appropriate but it is actually worse. As despicable as the Nazi’s were, they had a tribe. The radical evil of today has no tribe and promises no future, not on Planet Auschwitz. McConnell and Inhofe and the majority of the political/corporate leadership (sic) are the guards herding the rest of us onto trains and saying Arbeit Macht Frei all the way to the death chambers.
Radical evil is real. It is here now and, in fact, has been for a long time.


People are often surprised when learning that the rich can be so greedy. It is as if we all ask why would they need so much money that they would be willing to hurt other people and even themselves in the long run? Why?

The fairy tale of the Golden Goose is about a magical bird that laid eggs made of gold. It did this automatically day after day but when greedy people got hold of the goose they forced it to lay as many eggs as it could and as fast as possible. The Golden Goose grew weak and began to sicken and die. Even when the goose was clearly dying, the greedy kept demanding just one more egg and one more after that until the goose died.

It was said that the last words of the Golden Goose were - “Why?”


Capitalism reduced itself to a gaggle of “investment vehicles” when RR came into office.

Since then, it has done nothing unrelated to protecting profits.

Since then, capitalism’s suicide has become daily more easily foreseeable.

How can it do anything else? The absolutism of profiteering has closed its intellectual resources out of business. They are not profitable. Only spin artistry can save it a few more months. That and a herd of elected Democrats and Republicans.


And these corporations are run by people who make the decisions. The corporations are not sociopaths, the people who run them are, hiding behind the corporate cloak exempt of responsibility.


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Does this mean prison time for the executives who murdered the planet?


This energy field in Indonesia takes me back to S.E. Asia, once again. Were we in Vietnam and were we overthrowing Indonesia and other countries in this region to fight Communism or for the potential abundance of easily extractable fossil fuels? What were Royal Dutch Shell and The Big Oil Boys thinking about the Mekong Delta and the coastal areas of these regions? It was café conversation when some returning vets swore it was for the oil and others said it was to knock out Soviet and Chinese influences in countries like Indonesia, helped by ME Muslim countries, cash cows with religious sympathies, to be sure. That Oil Cos. knew and lied for 35 years, possibly longer, is about as shocking as gambling in Casablanca. I think back to the early 1980s and the several conversations my friends had with a professor who’d worked in Houston developing new technical methods, logarithms mainly, for finding new energy fields. He said in a pure energy war, the Soviets would win, because of their technical prowess and " home field " advantages. But, the U.S. DoD and Big Oil would never permit that scenario because it would upset the strategic long term goals of the U.S ( Corporate Interests writ large ). Fast forward to these UCS findings and their demands for The Big Oil Boys and our Federal Gov’t to " come clear " and mitigate the damage caused by their denials and obfuscations, decades long and counting. You just know they"ll laugh and counter with, " Has Big Tobacco stopped selling cigarettes or just changed strategy and moved on to easier targets and markets to exploit? " We’re left with this mess and without any good options. Stuck on a very large treadmill and running with your crazy Uncle Sam.


I’d be happy to just see them pay their real share of taxes, estate taxes, corporate takes, capital gains taxes and even a wall street transaction tax… none of which they do like they should.

If you really want to hurt a rich executive… make them be treated like regular people who don’t have tax cuts, tax write offs, tax shelters and so on and so forth. Aim straight for their heart - their wallets!

Ending subsidies for Big Oil would cheer me up!!!


Those who worship at the alter of Mammon can no more be persuaded to act with humanity and responsibility than a tiger shark could be persuaded to show mercy to a wounded baby sea lion. It’s simply not in their DNA.

As long as such people continue to rule the world, any thought of climate justice - or any justice at all - is merely a pipe dream.


While I agree that Congress and the President are responsible partially, it is the corporations that must share most of the blame. None of these politicians would have been elected if it weren’t for their corporate donations. Most people I find are ‘corruptible’ when large amounts of cash are dangled in front of them. Once in a blue moon an honest and non-crruptible person rises to the position of political office only to find themselves amidst a sea of sociopaths. But that lone ranger will be unable to trump the corporate agendas around them despite their own steadfats allegiance to the general public. Once corporate money is removed from politics, we will see an immediate improvement in the quality of politicians as well as a rising socio-economic tide that lifts all boats.


No offense, but anyone who worships at the altar, is merely passing their heinous crimes against the earth we all share, off on some mysterious entity whose credentials and bona fides can never be checked. " I am amazed that Congressman can pass a bill imposing severe penalties on anyone who burns the American flag; whereas, they are responsible for burning that for which the flag stands for. " Alan Watts The largest vestibule for scoundrels is still phony religion and false patriotism. It’ll be the death of us all.


I can’t watch those observations go by without pulling up Les McCann and Eddie Harris’s song from 1969 “Compared to What”- timeless …


Hey you old goat, I hadn’t heard that for a long time, what a jam.


Aristotle had a moral compass (What is justice? was a major topic for Greek philosophers). Aristotle thought that slavery was permissible so long as the slaves are not Greeks.

The Nazis also had a moral comass: some races are inferior to other races and the existence of inferior races is a threat to society in the same way that germs are a threat to humans. They even talked about a racial hygiene movement: we must eradicate subhuman races as we eradicate viruses that cause disease.

Capitalism is predicated on humans acting out of rational self-interest and the invisible hand of the market producing the best outcomes. The problem with acting out of self-interest is that the inevitable result is: “greed is good” (Gordon Gekko in the movie “Wall Street”) and “selfishness is a virtue” (Ayn Rand). Notice that what is moral is certainly both good and virtuous.

The problem with defining good as what the market produces is that this is the naturalistic fallacy (defining good as some natural property). One thing markets produce is concentration of wealth in a few hands. But you can still ask the question: "Is concentration of wealth in a few hands a good thing or a bad thing. The obvious answer is that concentration of wealth in a few hands is a bad thing because as Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis famously said: “You can either have concentration of wealth in a few hands or you can have democracy, but you can’t have both.”