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Big Oil Lines Up Against Kids Waging Legal Battle for Climate Future


Big Oil Lines Up Against Kids Waging Legal Battle for Climate Future

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

Representatives of nearly the entire U.S. fossil fuels industry lined up on Thursday to help the federal government wage a legal battle against a group of young people—aged 8 to 19—who are demanding climate policies that respect the rights of current and future generations.


This will teach the kids about life in a hurry. The dirty oil and Government are in bed together against the kids is a real eye opener for them . Maybe the government can get some of our military to watch over them, you know like we do everywhere!


Go for it! Life doesn't get any better than when youthful energy picks up up the load.


Hopefully this will turn out to be our modern David v. Goliath story.


Isn't there a quote somewhere that, "A little child shall lead them"?
* I hope so, for there is damn little genuine leadership coming from the "adults" on this planet.


I work with high school seniors. A constant theme in my courses: you are taking control of the reins of power fairly soon--make sure you create the world you want, and don't let entrenched interests slow you down.


The corporations fear change could impair their ability to function. I got news for them - they've been extremely impaired for a very long time.


Like open a GITMO for our children? Actually, we should open one for all upper management and major investors in big oil/gas. I would even make it a nice place where they can ultimately pass in luxury - at least they would be out of our hair. Fresh air and clean water provided by a host of brave young people.


Kids versus Spivs.

This aspect of USAian exceptionalism is wonderful. Where else could it happen?


It will be interesting to see what the "Best legal minds that money can buy" in the U.S. and our intept government come up with. Also what the bought and paid for supreme court will do against the kids if our kangaroo courts let it get that far.

Hopefully this case will open more eyes to the hypocracy of our corporatocrocy.

Amicus Briefs anyone?


big oil wants to be addressed as "your imperial majesties" as they are in congress and the white house. it's just capitalists acting like capitalists. the groveling toadies in government and the media are worse, and should be in the dock at the war crimes trial.


Notice how so many of the kids are from Oregon?
Why do you think that is?

But changes are coming.
They have revamped the entire local news format on the major networks.
When I moved here from Colorado I noticed how tempered the indoctrination was..
We had a black anchors for CBS and NBC morning news.

Not any longer.
Now they have dropped their drawers and full blown bully hard on is on display.
Good Luck to everyone.
The matrix is almost completely in place.


Don't let them be constrained by the boundaries, ...
box, or limits of present understanding either;

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
... To change something, ... build a new model,
… that makes the existing model obsolete.”

Buckminster Fuller

Re; the "Solution 2 Pollution" system ... [link not allowed] ... 34 years in the making from April 5, 1981.