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Big Oil’s “Long Twilight”


Big Oil’s “Long Twilight”

Andy Rowell

All eyes this morning will be on the half-yearly OPEC meeting in Vienna.

Although pundits are not expecting a production freeze, the oil price is creeping towards $50, up 80 per cent since its slump of $30 in January.

As the press pack hunt the OPEC oilmen round Vienna searching for clues on any cutbacks, commentators have noted that the recent oil price increase has meant the “feel-good” factor is returning to the industry and investors.


"Drill Baby Drill!" (What the Republican faithful chanted whenever former Vice presidential nominee and citizen of trailer trash America, Sarah Palin spoke)


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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


You are correct, but Sarah Palin was the first to popularize that slogan "drill baby drill" (and then claim that she was right after all when the price of oil came down) conveniently forgetting the increased output of the Persian Gulf states (pump baby pump!) in response to US pressure to do something to economically cripple Iran, Venezuela, and the Russian federation.


Better yet, don't get a car at all (which are unaffordable to most anyway) and use public transportation, or compact 2 wheel personal transportation like motor scooters - electric versions of them are available too.


I see a huge disconnect in this article. If big oil is in such decline, why are the number and size of cars on the roads and streets in my area, continuing to increase - with no substantial improvements in the alternatives (public transit) in sight? Also, the generation of electricity from natural gas is positively booming.