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Big Papers Want Foreign Companies, Not War Crime Victims, to Sue US


Big Papers Want Foreign Companies, Not War Crime Victims, to Sue US

Adam Johnson

The editorial boards of the US’s four most influential newspapers joined President Barack Obama in opposition to the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act, a bill that makes suing Saudi Arabia for the 9/11 attacks markedly easier:


Obama is a warmonger who is currently in charge of the American oligarchs military machine which protects their empire. A job that warmonger Hillary will soon inherit.
The possibility of their war machine being sued out of existence is taken as serious threat by the oligarchs.
On Thursday both the House and the Senate announced that some changes might need to be made to the 9-11 bill that passed making it impossible for anyone to sue our military while its killing people overseas.

"We the people" will control nothing until we bring down the plutocrats.
Rewriting our tax laws can accomplish that.


Yes, it would open the US to law suits for war crimes they are committing all over the world. It's about time! I am all in favor of it, just don't really believe the powers that be will let it happen.
Besides, they really don't want investigations into 9-11 which would expose the inside job/false flag that really took place there.
Still there's a place in me hoping by some miracle this gets into law.


Talk about being hoisted up by their own petard.This is another "All Men are Created Equal" type moment written by a person who owned slaves.

The leaders of "The worlds most exceptional nation" just can not come to grips with how absurd they look to the rest of the world. Double talking hypocrites ,is it any wonder the earliest of the First Nations people saw them as having forked tongues?


And it was our Congress who provided the petards used in the hoisting.
Now that's what real Karma looks like.


Jeff Bezos' Amazon Prime includes incentives for customers to subscribe to Bezos' Washington Post, expanding his propaganda platform to promote the oligarchy's dogma.


Balance the budget exactly as the US government is designed to do.


Imagine a world in which Latin American countries could sue the United States for 200 years of destabilizating their governments. Haiti could be first in line, suing the USA and France for using them as an example to slaves everywhere not to revolt against their masters and form their own sovereign nation. Haiti is the poorest nation in the hemisphere, the victim of the economic and military oppression by two countries who deserve to be punished. In all Latin America redistribution of wealth under a socialist system would be an ideal way to address the lopsided gap between rich and poor left over from their colonization days..They've tried hard to do that. But the USA won't tolerate any left-wing governments in "our" hemisphere.We deserve some big legal judgments against us.......As for the big corporations that want to sue us when we interfere with their profits???? I say break them up!!!!!