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Big Pharma-Backed Dems Vote Down Bid to End Drug Price Gouging


Big Pharma-Backed Dems Vote Down Bid to End Drug Price Gouging

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

While the Republican Party is publicly dismantling millions of Americans' health safety net, more than a dozen Democrats late Wednesday quietly threw their weight behind Big Pharma and voted down an amendment that would have allowed pharmacists to import identical—but much less expensive—drugs from Canada and other countries.


These senate Dems show the party is not off to good, unified start in defending the people from Trump/corporatism. Not surprising really. They remain beholden to the money.


Cory Booker is known for his close ties to Big Money. I understand he has aspirations to run for Prez in 2020. But while he seems to be great when it comes to civil rights, he has a long way to go when it comes to severing corporate ties. Though without the long pedigree of Clinton, he is pretty much in the same vein. Dems need to think hard about whether they want someone like him to take up the mantle. Will the outcome be any different?


Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell of Washington State are very skilled players of the political game. They talk up a progressive storm, but when their votes can actually make a difference, they carry out the Big Donors' wishes.


Democrats either go progressive or they will die. Cory Booker is a puppet and people see right through him. He's DOA along with all the other corporate democrats.


"Forget the politicians. The politicians are put there to give you the idea you have freedom of choice. You don't. You have no choice. You have owners. They own you." - George Carlin - "The American Dream"


"Voted down an amendment that would have allowed identical but much less expensive drugs from foreign countries."

When I worked in Mexico, I saw this first hand when my Mother visited me there. She got a prescription for lomatil in the U.S. before she left , but needed to renew it. So I took her to the local pharmacy in Puerto Vallarta where she bought the same drugs without a prescription and over the counter. And she was shocked that the price was about 10 times less! She thought maybe it was somehow wrong, but when she compared her U.S. meds. ingredients to the purchased one and although listed in Spanish, they were exactly the same!


Bernie - time to turn away from the corporate damn democratic party and build a new grassroots give a damn about all americans party. the likes of Cory Booker is about to leave the white house. good riddance for all the shit they have brought us! awful


Booker was an opportunist mayor of Newark and has not changed his stripes. He is looking to his main chance and big pharma money will grease that for him. The handful of other senate democrats don't have his ambitions.


Everyone is getting ripped off: "EpiPen, for example, costs more than $600 in the United States compared to $290 in Canada for the exact same allergy treatment"

The EpiPen contains a $1 worth of medicine. The cost is in the delivery system which was invented in the 70s by a Survival Tech co. Mylan bought the rights to EpiPen from Merck then jacked up the price 600%.

Cory Booker = Barack ODroneKing


He's going to make a move in 2020, most likely for VP, and needs to be stopped. Third Party types will play no role in that. Maybe they'll elect a mayor somewhere.


"You have no choice."

That statement by George Carlin is so true! Just like in the last election where you had the choice between a selected war monger; a Wall Street stooge; and Trump.


DNC/GOP same same ............


No it will not. They never change they just get more skilled at hiding it.


Those 13 Wall Street Puritans who call themselves democrats need to be pushed from the party, along with Dianne Feinstein who didn't vote.

They are all traitors!


It seems to me I heard Trump specifically say that pharmaceutical companies are getting away with murder and that we will be 'bidding' and lowering prices. This action by Congress flies in the face of what he said yesterday. A signal that they will not cooperate with his agenda?

I for one will be writing letters to and calling my GOP senators. Their perpetual 'screw yous' are appalling. If even the orange clown can see that this is wrong, I am hoping they all get LOTS of blowback for their appalling greed.


"The drugstore chain announced Thursday that it will sell a generic version of Impax Laboratories (IPXL)' Adrenaclick treatment for $109.99 per two-pack, down from $200."


This shows that both parties are now prostitutes for the rich.


Came here to say essentially the same thing.

If you ask me, a lot of the people who voted for Trump (or didn't vote for Clinton) did so so that they can make plain to even the idiots just how corrupt and anti-democratic the present system is.


Can we replace U.S.Democratic Senators with nice people from Canada and Mexico? A generic version of a DINO would certainly be cheaper for most Americans regarding medical care and specifically, drug pricing. I'm assuming non-millionaires would still like to buy a politician if the Corporate price wasn't so high. It also would help with other major issues like the MIC, living wages, climate change, etc.
Nice to see Sen. Booker fill the leadership void left by Sen/SoS What's Her Name & President Who's Zat?
Next up on The Price Is Right; ________________ ( fill in your favorite blank/bland political hack here ).