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Big Pharma, Insurers, Hospitals Team Up to Kill Medicare for All


Big Pharma, Insurers, Hospitals Team Up to Kill Medicare for All

Karl Evers-Hillstrom

Pharmaceutical manufacturers and health insurance companies don’t agree on much these days. As Congress introduces bills to address rising drug prices, insurers and pharmacy benefit managers are engaged in a lobbying and public relations war with drugmakers over who is to blame.

But the giants of the healthcare industry agree on one thing: Medicare for All cannot become law.



This is another on a long list of issues characterizing the reason I’m not a democrat.

Because so many elected members of that party cannot give up the corporate money gray train, they will never coalesce around what the vast majority of their base wants.

So why the hell would I be a part of their base? To be ignored? That’s effin crazy.

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I watched the Hearing on prescription pricing. I was disgusted that the Republicans went along with the Pharma Reps. When the subject of the sky high prices that Medicare pays for drugs, compared with the rest of the World, was brought up, It was twisted into how" The Rest of the World, is taking advantage of America ", and how everyone should have to pay what Medicare pays, not vice versa.
So the VA should Not be allowed to negotiate what it pays for drugs, it should just pay 40% More? How corrupt is a person that they would say this with a straight face, on national TV?



excellent article and comments, only 2 thus far. particularly the first one pointing out the wide gap that exists between the democratic party base and it’s elites that cater to corporate lobbyists. why so many progressives are willing to settle for ‘the lesser of 2 evils when they ought to split and go to a party like the greens that actually puts it’s lack of corporate money where it’s mouth is, i don’t know. as george carlin would say, not too fuckin’ bright!