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Big Pharma Spending Big to Defeat Drug Price Measure


Big Pharma Spending Big to Defeat Drug Price Measure

Nika Knight, staff writer

The battle over a California ballot measure to put a stop to pharmaceutical price gouging is heating up as the election draws near, with Big Pharma pitting itself against consumer watchdogs, parents of sick children, and nurses.


Bernie is going to pick his battles. Like this one.
His biggest battle will begin the day after Hillary is inaugurated.
He will mobilize the Revolution against her and tie her in knots until she breaks or gives in to the demands.


Whether you are being real or being sarcastic, I cannot tell. But one thing is for sure, if Mr. Sanders does take up the cause, I will be with him, for a full throttle, all out demand every day kind of urgency to Clinton that she immediately get the legislation in place to do what we've all supported - the Sanders platform. It will not be pretty, or easy, or fun, but it is what we must do. If we make some serious headway and get legislation in place to protect our food chains/seeds, etc., for example, I will be more than pleased.


I would like to see a similar measure introduced in other states.


Go Cali and the nurses!

By the way , nurses were with bs, did they go to HRC?

they should be Green .

It's Stein time.


So, the wealthy and big industry have finally invented a 'neutron bomb' to kill the poor.

Propositions 61 and 64 are votes for humanity.