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Big Pharma Trade Group Blasted as 'Morally Bankrupt' for Suing to Block Minnesota Insulin Affordability Law

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/01/big-pharma-trade-group-blasted-morally-bankrupt-suing-block-minnesota-insulin


No Ethics, No Morals, No Redeeming Values, the current state of affairs in America!


i just wonder at what point a critical mass of humans are going to understand that corporations are morally bankrupt because Capitalism, itself, is an amoral economic system.


The rampant geed and inhumanity - the depraved indifference - our nation and people are suffering by the millions, is clearly shown in detail and demonstrated by this action.
Profits over people the norm as Big-Pharma stands naked as does the entire vulture capitalist system and its grip on society, politicians and government, and tragically, but by design, the courts and our legal system - exemplified by the brazen admitted efforts by RepubliCons and trump regime to control the courts with unqualified extremists, especially the supreme, for decades to come. All stand naked before the nation and world for their “morally bankrupt” and “devoid of humanity” greed and victimization of millions for private profit.

Will politicians end the charade and their service supporting such crimes and greed, or continue to be complicit and morally bankrupt to them?
Will the public and all people of conscience stand together as one to denounce and smash the corruption and greed-driven crimes against humanity?


Unfortunately, probably never! Because from my perspective, that would probably take an American, revolution.


A perfect motto for the USA.


$$$$ Pay up or die - it’s the law of the land.

Insulin was created at the university of Toronto and the creators sold it for $1, because they believed all people should be able to have access to this life saving drug.

This price gouging is the direct result of the corruption of both parties in congress - they don’t give a flying-f about you or your children. The blame is 100% on the congress.

Vote the corporate scum out. Primary the likes of schumer and pelosi - call them out for what they are “corporate bootlickers”.

Also… if you vote republican or believe anything a republican rep. says … Well that’s on you.


The wealthy lawyers for big Pharma will high five each other for stooping so low and then go back to their gated communities. If the “lowlifes and working scum” get in, they will protect their mansions with their AR-15s and other guns. Wait. Oh yeah. That kind of sounds familiar.


I applaud the effort in Minnesota, but I can’t seem to find any legal opinion online about the actual likelihood this law will stand. And if it does not stand, what are the options for work arounds? Can a public utility be created to make insulin? Surely it is not still patented. Just because Pharma may win this particular battle, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be ready with an entire arsenal against them.


Note those bar owners in Texas claiming laws to restrict them from opening as being unconstitutional.

The reality that they reveal is that the Constitution was always about protecting profits and property which really have nothing to do with “Human rights”. Capital and money was elevated above all to the point it all but worshiped today.

A persons life is secondary to anothers “Right” to profit off that persons illness. This a truly a sickness.


Sorry one more time
Growing my fruit orchard and selling my fruit at the farmers market is not an amoral economic system

The Capitalism you speak to is Predatory capitalism

No laws except those one can bribe

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if the 85% who absolutely adore corporations, and equate free market capitalism with some kind of higher status than the fictional deity they worship daily, could suddenly wake the f__k up and make some blatantly obvious empirical observations for the first time in the history of their entire genealogy. Unfortunately, an astronomically high percentage of humanity has never proved intelligent enough to make even one singular empirical observation throughout their entire lives, without having a corporate news reporter describing to them exactly how to process the information in their overtaxed nerve centers.




Perhaps you mean immoral. People often refer to markets as amoral (without morals).

Insulin is public domain. The patent was sold upon creation for $1. It is possible there are patents for methods of production - but these can be worked around.

Yes a public drug utility could be created and this could provide thousands of high paying american jobs. And then many drugs would be cheap and many lives would be saved. The quality of life for nearly all Americans would immediately improve.

But… we live where we live and that will never happen because… corruption.


Yes. Had you heard about the Open Insulin Project discussed in the Time link I gave above. That was one of the better stories I’ve read there (only a tiny bit of justification for higher prices based on cost of safety - but a lot of comments on downsides of our system - and even seemed slanted towards single payer).

“A state cannot simply commandeer private property to achieve its public policy goals.”

Isn’t that precisely the purpose of eminent domain laws?


If a candidate put that on a bumper sticker, the “we want an outsider” voting bloc would garner her 40%. Did I mention the part where I basically hate my country?

There a good number of people that are born stupid but even they have more common sense then many of those “self made” Dummies.


Thanks for that key tidbit of information. And yet the shameless looting-class propagandists mouth the following (clipped from the article), as if it were significant supporting and legal “logic” to justify their murderous greed:

"Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA). The drug industry group claims the measure is unconstitutional, arguing in the complaint that “a state cannot simply commandeer private property to achieve its public policy goals.” "

Such rich irony would be hilarious, if only these greedy narcissistic corporate turds were not literally condemning millions to suffering and death.

And of course, digging just a little bit deeper into the “ownership” question, we recognize that in actuality, it is the looting-class “privateers” who have commandeered the entire world, all of its riches and peoples, in order to claim “their” outrageous wealth (see colonization, Manifest Destiny, the Doctrine of Discovery, privatization, neoliberalism, etc.).

We the People need to take it all back, and share it equitably, while we end the industrial assault on nature, and stop dismantling the ecology.