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Big Pharma, Vaccines, and the Liberal Mind


Unfortunately, there is no contradiction: http://vaccinetruth.org/dr-gary-goldman.html this is what happened when Dr. Gary Goldman attempted to publish the data on the chicken pox vaccine and the resulting epidemic of shingles which ensued which he was conducting studies in Antelope Valley as a CDC researcher. Andrew Wakefield was excoriated and had his career ruined after being the public face of a thirteen person research study on the MMR vaccine by one of Rupert Murdock’s henchmen. The ‘journalist’ debunked the study’s results (since then there have been 28 studies which have replicated Wakefield’s findings) Judy Mikovitz, a renowned cancer researcher similarly had her career ruined and was even imprisioned (with no charges). She is being kept afloat by her colleagues. If you think large industries can not ruin people and squelch knowledge you haven’t been paying attention to the nuclear industry, the tobacco industry, the automobile industry, the fossil fuel industry, etc. They not only ruin people’s careers, but in some cases they meet with an unfortunate accident or get ‘suicided’. Just recently the entire Italian government was brought down over their mandatory vaccine law. The government was promised Pharma factories if they made vaccines mandatory and doctors were threatened with losing their licenses if they didn’t acquiesce. The same will happen in the US when people finally become aware of what has been done to their offspring. It’s only a matter of time.


Here Judy Mikovits. This is what happens to researchers whose research reveals inconvenient truths for vaccines (or really for any powerful industry):


I’m a little confused. Are you stating that EVERYTHING in this article is wrong. That science shouldn’t be held up against scrutiny? The main thrust of this article is that the corruption inherent to pharma & the government needs to be revealed/addressed. Problem is, as he clearly states - ANYTIME someone speaks out against the corruption, it’s patently denied or ad hominem attacks begin. So hard for me to hear you given you give NO credit to the gist of this article - vaccine manufactures and the regulatory bodies we rely on are NOT trustworthy. Are you even addressing these issues in your critique? If so, I’m a bit thick skulled and am missing it.



Thanks to Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Common Dreams for putting up this story. Long, long over due.

Forcing vaccines on the public is criminal.


The final argument against vaccines is that most, if not all, of the diseases that there are vaccines for were flatlined before the vaccine was ever on the market. Check out the graphs. They’re readily available. Furthermore, it’s not vaccines that have contributed to the decline of these illnesses but clean water, other sanitation and nutrition. Do you know that in third world countries where they give the measles vaccine to children who have a vitamin A deficiency, the children die? Do you know that there were trials run in the 1920s that fed tetanus spores to guinea pigs for six months that found the pigs were immune to that strain of tetanus when they were given a deep, unclean wound? Do you know that there is a group of people in Peru that are immune to rabies? Do you know that the periodic outbreaks of wild varicella (chicken pox) in children, boosted the immune systems of adults so that they were not susceptible to shingles. Do you know that polio outbreaks were in clusters around apple orchards that had just been sprayed by a chemical whose side effects were the same as polio? Do you know that having measles as a child protects the individual from heart disease and some types of cancer in later life? Do you know that scientists know very little about how the immune system develops? Do you know that India has cast out the polio vaccine because it was giving people polio? Do you know that the side effect of some vaccines is symptoms of the disease? Anyone who thinks vaccines with all of their poison adjuvants, their nanoparticles of chromium, their foreign debris, including the Simian 40 virus, a carcinogen, which was in the polio vaccine given to 93,000,000 people between 1955-1963, is playing a very risky game. Why do you think the insurance companies wouldn’t indemnify vaccines? That’s right-because they are way too risky-and there are a hella more of them in 2018 there there were in 1986. Thanks, but no thanks. I think I’ll just depend on my immune system.


I’m a political blogger who has posted numerous criticisms of the pharmaceutical industry. It is like any other capitalist enterprise - profits before people. But the underlying contet of the anti-vaxers is that there is a conspiracy between Big Pharma, Government, the health industry and health charities to suppress evidence of the dangers of vaccinations across decades.

I am little interested in the US government subsidized costs to Big Pharma or to its Health Insurance corporaations. JFK Jnr. may well have a case that it is overly expensive because of lobbying

However, to say that the UK, the EU nations, and every other country’s government are implicated in a cover-up of vaccination failures simply does not stand up to scrutiny.


Isn’t it rather unusual to place your faith in a handful maverick scientists, and ignore the prevailing evidence.

You are very sadly wrong about Wakefield’s findings being verified, if you care to read these links

In a earlier comment you placed faith in a man who lied about his name and his place of work and dismiss a long-term study of almost a million Danish and Swedish female. Now you trust a discredited, struck-off doctor who was exposed as a fraud, not by the media but his fellow professionals.

Wiki explains the background

Dr. Gary Goldman is not a medical doctor and here is a critiques revealing his errors

You refer to other industries and i agree, they tried to manipulate the evidence but they all got found out by the process of scientific investigation that you seem to challenge the basics of. Apply the same science that exposes the climate change denialists, the Big Tobacco rather than rely on very dubious theories



I am no apologist or shill for Big Pharma. Check out these links


I’m afraid I have to disagree with you. The CDC is ostensibly a government agency. This is an article about their many conflicts of interest.

The Italian government made a deal with Pharma to pass a mandatory vaccine law for the promise of Pharma factories in Italy. Then they forbade the doctors from dissenting, threatening them with losing their license if they balked. The result was that the government was replaced with one that promised to rescind the law if elected. Guess what? That’s correct. The government was thrown out.


Here’s the Italian government article: https://www.autisminvestigated.com/italy-mandatory-vaccination/


The CDC is in collusion with Pharma. They own vaccine patents and some patents on procedure used to manufacture vaccines. The CDC does almost 4 billion in vaccine business each year. It’s a large part of their budget. The CDC is an agency that has been captured by Pharma, who pretty much owns the rest of the allopathic medical industry: https://jonrappoport.wordpress.com/2018/03/22/cdc-vaccine-science-covers-up-giant-conflict-of-interest-2/
You can vent all you like. The information is out from behind the veil. Your so-called ‘maverick’ scientists are the ones who have thoroughly researched the studies. Many of them have spent literally thousands of hours reading the literature and the trials, as have the many parents whose kids have been adversely effected, as opposed to the conventional allopathic pediatricians, who have only a few hours of teaching about vaccines in their entire education and believe the rubbish put out by Pharma reps. The ‘mavericks’ have logic on their side whereas the pro vaxxers have only trust us, vaccines are safe and effective which begs the question: then why won’t insurance companies indemnify them during the years starting in 1986 till the present? Currently there is legislation that is going to attempt to rescind the 1986 law. I think it’s been written by a rep from PA. One in six children in this country, yeah, the entire country, has a learning disability. The only commonality is vaccines. Coal fired, lead spewing power plants are in only some locations, as are pesticides. Ergo, vaccines are the likely culprit. Vaccines are poisons. Don Hamilton, DVM, a homeopathic, holistic vet speculates that they are responsible for at least 75% of the diseases he sees in his canine and feline patients. He states that feline cancer was unknown till vets began vaccinating cats in the 60s. He is not the only vet who thinks this way either. Vaccines are wreaking the same havoc in companion pets as they are in children.


Did I say Gary Goldman was a medical doctor. No I didn’t. I said he was a CDC researcher. Medical doctors, as I stated above have negligible training about vaccines and by and large have not pursued anything past what they were propagandize with in med school and residency.

Snopes is a very unreliable source and the rest of the places your information is sourced from-ditto.


Andrew Wakefield is a falsely maligned researcher who got in the way of Pharma, their collusion with governments, and their profits. http://healthimpactnews.com/2013/new-published-study-verifies-andrew-wakefields-research-on-autism-again/


Did i cite only Snopes or did i refer you to other reliable sources that dismiss the vaccines cause infertility and was a de-population conspiracy.

So you other than the GDC you also disbelieve foreign health bodies such as the UK NHS

So you resort to a homeopathic vet as a defence?

So you applaud a nationalistic xenophobic Italian government coalition well known for their populist rhetoric and lack of accuracy


I am afraid you are not presenting the truth about Wakefield. He was found guilty of not one offences against medical conduct but many breaches including unapproved and unnecessary invasive tests, including spinal taps, on young children. That is child abuse

You are falsely maligning the British medical watchdog and prestigious medical journals.
Read the ruling for yourself rather than rely on others sugar-coating it

I have shown your claim that his research has been verified to be false and in fact 17 other much more responsible studies showed his findings to be wrong

In an earlier post i referenced those charlatans that caused 300000 deaths by giving “scientific” respectability to the argument that there was no link between AIDS and HIV. Wakefield too is committing the same crime against humanity.

But i am now done with this exchange. I hope you rely on reputable science in future


Certainly glad you are posting about the corruption in other blogs. You use the term conspiracy - “a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful.” That’s a term you continue to use, but I don’t see this article talking about some secret cabal. Certainly you could project conspiracy into the article, but it’s not explicitly there at all.

Instead, it’s talking about some very concerning issues. The FACT that anyone who criticizes the vaccine industry is called an anti-vaxxer - even those who are clearly NOT. The fact that we live in a society who is absolutely unwilling to just look @ the science and protect the people.

This article is NOT about vaccines themselves. So again, really confused about all the added terms you are seeing in it. You keep talking about conspiracies and “anti vaxers.” Read the article - when I read it, is simply states that we live in a country that protects vaccine manufactures over people - again and again. It’s also a country that persecutes those who have legitimate concerns. I don’t believe it’s any sort of conspiracy, it’s primarily the same as any other corporate aggression - blind greed. But, personally the issue of whether it’s a conspriacy or not is moot. The bigger issue to my mind is - ARE THERE LEGITMATE CONCERNS about the vaccine industry and the public good. That is what this article is about.

In addition, the rabid backlash against virtually any criticism about the industry gets routinely portrayed as you are portraying it. Instead of going on and on about conspiracies and anti vaxxers, maybe it’d be better talking about what the actual article covers; corruption and a wall of denial about the industry and harm to the public good. I mean, are you happy that a child can get vaccine damaged and have NO recourse? Jeez, please read the article and talk about it’s main points – not your projections and conspiracy theories. Those are your babies, this article is about waking folks up to some disturbing goings on. Call them consiracies if you like, but the issues still stand - whatever you choose to call them.



Rightbrainlefbrain? Who are they it’s not possible to research who is behind that blog.

Andrew Wakefield did none of the tests on the children. He was the clipboard guy recording the results. The tests were done by John Walker Smith, at the time the most renowned pediatric gastroenterologist in the U.K. Smith was also at the end of his career at the time. Do you think he would risk his reputation on sketchy research? The parents of the children sought out these people because they wanted answers to their children’s problems. Smith subsequently sued to get his license and reputation restored and won his case. Wakefield had since left the U.K., his malpractice insurance was no longer in effect and he had no finances to pursue the case.

The Lancet is like any other western medical journal, compromised by big Pharma’s money and influence.

The New York Times, the Washington Post and other large newspapers are also not reliable. Remember Judith Miller and other warmonger journalists lying us into the Iraq war on their WMD lies? Yes, you need to do more investigatio, Mr. Johnston, from reliable sources.


I think, tshann, i was ascribing conspiracy to those who claimed vaccination campaigns were a secret plot to make infertile certain populations. I also suggested that for the anti-vaxxers claims to be accurate that research was being suppressed would require a conspiracy of numerous national and international health bodies working in unison with Big Pharma

A child harmed by a vaccine does receive compensation - from the government as it is they or their agencies who carry out the the process. But i know America is very much a litigation society who want to sue the makers rather than those approve and carry out vaccinations

I mentioned in a post that RFK Jnr is defending the government budget from being scammed by the drug companies. Perhaps this is true but it is he who conflates the medical value of vaccinations with business abuse.

In my very first post i gave world figures for the death rates of those unvaccinated…one baby every 20 seconds dying from a vaccine preventable disease. I later gave link to Wakefield being found guilty by his peers of carrying out unethical medical procedures against children - so you could perhaps direct your criticism elsewhere. I also referenced an event that killed hundreds of thousands that stemmed from medical quackery prevailing against science.


I stand corrected in regard to John Walker-Smith’s role and he did indeed manage to clear himself in the High Court from being struck off by the Medical Council who deemed that the doctor was conducting research in the guise of clinical investigation and treatment, and the court said the doctor’s claim that the procedures were necessary were ignored.


Okay Alan, seems you’ve had your say. Dominating threads is unhelpful to a full discussion with multiple participants.