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Big Pharma's "Stranglehold" on Congress Worsening Opioid Epidemic


Big Pharma's "Stranglehold" on Congress Worsening Opioid Epidemic

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

If it seems like Big Pharma has escaped accountability for its role in perpetuating the nation's deadly opioid epidemic, those suspicions are not unfounded.

According to a former top Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) official, the industry's influence over Congress has successfully quashed efforts to regulate the pharmaceutical drug market aiding an unprecedented addiction to legal drugs.


Follow the money. Those with the gold, rule. The capitalist elite ruling class has one objective: accumulate more and more gold/money.

The cost to society in medical treatments for addictions and death are of no consequence whatsoever. Capitalism has no moral restraints.

This clearly illustrates the inherent fallacy of representative government where money talks and the needs of the populace are ignored.

If it's not direct democracy, it's not democracy.


Good point! When one door is closed, another opens. What a system! :smirk:


Marijuana is a much safer pain killer than opioids. Pot needs to be legal across the country, starting with medical marijuana. When these laws are passed state wide make sure that included in its legalization Big Pharma is excluded from manufacturing and distributing pot.


Phk Pharma!!


Actually, I've never come across anyone who was ever prescribed opioids whose prescription wasn't very carefully monitored (and short-term), myself included. This would be especially true of Medicare/Medicaid prescriptions. By contrast, we periodically have campaigns against these drugs. Anyone who has experienced real pain understands why these drugs are necessary. Some of America's biggest problems are rooted in the fact that we tend to think in terms of black or white, all or nothing.


It's actually not a miracle drug (though appears to be very good for a number of conditions). And keep in mind that some people do have a severe allergic reaction to marijuana, as I learned the hard way years ago. There simply are no "one size fits all" solutions.


Not everyone can use it. Some have significant allergic reactions to marijuana.


Is it preferable to do nothing for those who experience severe pain? Perhaps suggest that they think positive thoughts, etc.? There are legitimate uses for these drugs, and I haven't personally come across any cases where the prescriptions weren't very carefully monitored.


Criminalize Opioids-------------------- this will replace black people with white people in jails.

Yes, a white folk can now claim a love one is in jail for a felony.....