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Big Phone and Cable’s Summer Hack-a-thon


Big Phone and Cable’s Summer Hack-a-thon

Timothy Karr

In the last few weeks at least five anti-Net Neutrality Op-Eds have appeared in newspapers around the country. These pieces strike suspiciously familiar notes — and in some cases use identical language.


To scare people with "It will return us to the bad old Ma Bell days!" is a hoot. Service was impeccable those Ma Bell days.


In a headlines only simple world, stories that are complex and refer to comparisons of these people said and those people said or who mention more than one group are doomed to lose the understanding of a short attention span universe. Mr. Karr knows his subject and would do well rewriting it for people who don't already know it.

He proves his case but I suggest first making his points and describing the stakes involved and before he piles on his proof. Crib note #1 was one thing but then he adds information and then changes names and the order for Crib note #2 plus more information and again changes the names and order in #3 etc.

For someone familiar with the characters (and their significance since they are not famous household names) or even what they are talking about... a version of 'talking heads' (TV news) becomes just more 'talking quotes' and people zone out. Too many names and who said what -what are they talking about - confusion results except for people who already follow the subject.



Those who intend to control content and limit universal access are not done with this battle. The deep pocket industries have the funds to continue their fight using legal suits, media campaigns of deception, and the purchase of congress men and women. They are only regrouping to launch their next attack.

Consider women's reproductive rights. Many of US would like to think the battle for birth control and abortion rights was already won. Leave it to the stealth maneuvers of Conservatives and the church networks that back them, and little by little, a woman's sovereignty over her own body has been eroded to the point where key components of birth control (and access to safe abortion) are being eviscerated.

One sees the same thing with respect to battles fought by environmentalists. No sooner do they win one battle--like against the Frackers--in upstate New York, and the frackers rearrange the chairs on the Titanic to launch a counter-attack in the form of using a pristine lake for storage of the fracking industry's dangerous effluents.

This is why the late and respected Judge Brandeis made it clear that one could live in a Democratic society or one that held vast concentrations of wealth: but not both. The two are antithetical. It's clear where we, as a society, are. The 1% runs the show... the rest is Theater.


Some 3 years ago my ISP started refusing my emails, I was using their provided services, I called and asked why?, the reply was that they couldn't get into my computer to find out who I was...I talked to my Congress person and 2 daze later all was well (?)...I started using a different email provider. Be very aware, the web and all that is involved is not a toy.


Interesting post but you don't mention which ISP nor how that all worked.


I'm sure that the five "reporters" will end up with a fine position at one of the ISP's, their lawyers or their lobbyists.


In order to protect the innocent (myself & others) I will not name names...I once had 1 years history with screen-shots and logs posted on wordpress...I ruffled too many feathers and too many others came knocking on my door...but...if you are using 1 firewall and 1 antivirus, it isn't enough...I have always used a Mac, if you are using a PC then maybe it's time to learn how to understand and use Snort, Snort is no longer ported to a Mac but there are other ways to see things/do things to be safe...it's like your front door lock, it keeps the honest person out, if someone wants in bad enough they will find a way but you can at least keep your front door locked, it does give a false sense of security :-)...since I up-graded my Mac and have come back on DSL, the agreement between my ISP is completely different and has to be electronically signed...yep, it's all my fault...sorry


Years ago I was 'a'posting rampant' (the sigil on my heraldic shield). I was oft besieged by the dastardly forces of the dark lord Limbaugh and his myriad minions of malice. Moreover it was obvious that amongst his malevolent malcontents menacing my quest for truth, justice and the fabled holy grail of tax cuts for the working class that there were shire reeves and bailiffs who assailed my firewalls and even sappers that undermined them.

In the end, I came to the conclusion that if you can beat them, debate them! I began a campaign to assail their sanctuaries and keeps by conversion. Conversion not by religion but by politics. As far as I could tell I lived an extraordinarily boring life typical of the progressive person who peaceably seeks communication, reconciliation and other nice things that are not what the opposition is looking for. I was the person who'd stand up to an agent provocateur and call for peace and before I was done , they'd leave mumbling things like 'damn peacenik' and other pejoratives. I decided to employ similar tactics and the arts of reasoned debates and a grasp of the facts (important that) to converting the shire reeves and bailiffs who were presumably invading my privacy.

They may be doing it still... you see what I am like now... then I had more energy ...lol. I actually believe that they were affected by my arguments...lol. Some would get so upset...lol. They were looking for violence but found none. They then went looking to challenge my words and found that they were going home and studying far too much and dammit that I had a point sometimes.

I miss them. Some people do crosswords but debating the right wing and watching them crash and burn has always seemed a nice way to pass the time. Sigh. Those political chats are pretty much history now but they had their day. I had fun.


Common carriers of corporate collusion