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Big Tech Further Mutes President, Far Right Megaphone as Demands for Trump Removal Swell

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/01/09/big-tech-further-mutes-president-far-right-megaphone-demands-trump-removal-swell

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The disease of internet-amplified fanaticism must be hitting me too because I initially read the headline - two times, as “Big Tech Führer Mutes President…”


“Impeach and convict”. Yes, CONVICT, CONVICT, CONVICT- no excuses!!


We’ve got to look forward, not back. Let’s reach out our hands in the true spirit of America and work together to Make America Great Again.


Joseph Biden


So did i. How weird.


We should remember that the removal of Trump from the presidency, although necessary, is only a starting point in the cleansing process needed to restore any semblance of democratic processes to our government. The entire Republican Party, with few exceptions, is authoritarian from top to bottom. Their basic philosophy is, “Our way, or no way.”

Recent congressional history is littered with examples of GOP authoritarianism, including of course, McConnell’s refusal to seat Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court on species grounds. Then, a few years later, McConnell reverses course completely and seats Amy Coney Barrett using the same arguments he had rejected in the Garland case.

The GOP pretends to work within a democratic framework only so long as they get their way. Once they are thwarted, they return to true authoritarian form. This is what we witnessed in the Brown-Shirt attacks on the U.S. Congress under the proud, approving eyes of 147 GOP senators and representatives who sought to overturn the recent presidential election.

Republicanism is authoritarianism! Period!


Censorship by corporations is the solution to every problem these days. Now if they would just sensor all those people needing universal health care, they could solve that problem too.


Stating “fire” in a theater is unlawful, why shouldn’t “inciting violence” unlawful?


Which one was the wrong species?


Even if the theater is on fire?

What if the theater is empty?


The censoring issue is well taken Way. Glenn Greenwald resigned from
Intercept when they censored his fact based piece on Hunter Biden, the
President elect’s son’s corruption during the U.S. supported Ukraine coup.
Some 74 million Americans voted for Trump; and if his fanatic following
of thousands resort to violence; then the police, who attacked so furiously
George Floyd peaceful protestors, law enforcement should
be able to arrest and subdue those violently and illegally protesting an
election they oppose. But censorship is a “two-edged sword.”


Too little so late after helping to create Frankenstein.


I too would rather have a “liberal” on the SCOTUS, and no one here will like this comment, but I’ll post it anyway.

McConnell was doing his job for the Republicans and for the right wing in the way that progressives have long demanded that the DP do for the left. Presidential nominations to the SCOTUS require the “advice and consent” of the Senate. In the case of Garland, the Senate did not approve, and McConnell was advising Obama of their disapproval. If Mitch had allowed hearings, the Republicans would have rejected his nomination anyway.

Progressives often complain that Congressmembers have abdicated their responsibilities. McConnell merely showed us how to reclaim that power. Democrats should learn the lesson - but they won’t.


The GOP is only half of the corporate duopoly. The DLC is just as evil, and will be even worse if allowed to have a monopoly with the elite.


Old message
Definitely NOT what he’s saying now
Keep up
Repeating out of context for a reason?


’Full scrub’ of Trump loyalists in government needed to protect Joe Biden: security expert
On MSNBC Saturday, counterintelligence expert Malcolm Nance argued that Trump loyalists embedded in the civil service and law enforcement are an enormous danger to the safety of President-elect Joe Biden, and indeed of every public official.



Because their is no federal statute that addresses homegrown terrorism that the FBI is allowed to use.
That’s what I heard on TV.


I said the same thing the other day. I don’t like being the devil’s advocate any more than anyone else. But let’s always try to get the WHOLE story.


True - as we learned in 2009-10, when no malefactors were prosecuted and Big Insurance got dozens of millions of conscripted customers plus a ten year (and counting) delay in M4A.

Two years before that, Pelosi let the the entire Cheney-Bush Administration avoid justice.


The fascist insurgency is continuing and deepening, and has moved way beyond Twitter etc. They have their new platforms and have had them for years. Their next target dates are the 17th, 19th and 20th in DC and that will happen. We will be living with this fascist movement for a very long time and need to finally sit down and put together a serious, independent, mass anti-fascist movement beyond the sectarian groupuscules. There’s still a lot of absurd denialism around on the left, e.g. Bhaskar Sunkara’s downplaying of last Wednesday and even PSL’s rather silly headline that the “fascist takeover of DC isolates Trump.”