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Big Tech Further Mutes President, Far Right Megaphone as Demands for Trump Removal Swell

The best balance against a mindless vote by the American people is to treat education and the ability to think as the vitally important things that they are.

History (the real, honest one), logic, and the humanities are important for everyone to learn.




I’ve owned guns for years and have NEVER carried, concealed or open, because I’ve never felt the need. However, I’m older now, less physically fit, so less able to retreat in the face of mortal danger. I still REALLY don’t want to begin carrying, but I’m beginning to fear the rightwing crazies waving their guns around in my face. I dont like that, and I fear them. So, what do I do?


Don’t live in fear.

Do what you can to insure a better tomorrow, but you are only one person. So after that, relax, and live. Don’t let fear take your life before its time.

I’m old. I know I am slower than I used to be. There is no way I could possibly shoot anyone before they take the gun away from me. So that’s just the was it is. I won’t do anything stupid, without at least considering and accepting the possible outcomes. Anything else is out of my hands.


Not quite yet.

To paraphrase the opening words of Poland’s national hymn:

“Not all is lost, while we still live!”

The Trump movement checks every single box of a fascist movement, especially its racist, sexist and personalist “idealogy” (sic). I don’t need more sloppy and shallow internet links to understand that this is a fascist movement, or lectures from numbskulls who can’t tell the difference between bourgeois democracy and fascism, or understand that fascists use the language of anti-capitalism and even anti-imperialism to advance their statist objectives, or for that matter understand what people with Auschwitz T-Shirts stand for. There is a solid, serious body of scholarly literature out there, as well as common sense, that shows we are confronting the rise of a fascist movement. That is what we are fighting, despite the muddleheads who have been denying it and thereby objectively advancing it for four years.

Thank you! I’m absolutely DREADING the crazy concept of exceedingly wealthy folks’ Q7, X5 & Volvo EVs out front, in Manhattan’s UWS now bear NJ, VT & PA tags, since many neighbors have skedaddled to their “vacation cottages” and have been yapping non-stop about their “personal security,” since I’d mentioned how easy it was to legally sell an old autoloader in PA. A very few years back, these same folks had been aghast at CCW Reciprocity. Now, they’re asking about the P7-M13 and PRICEY Israeli bull-pup rifles (they’re planning to CONCEAL?) My last place was way deep in the Poconos, I’d drive, generally alone into N Philly, Baltimore, day and night; or to the Gulf Coast for jobs in mills & ROW. But I’d pretty immediately came to the same conclusion as you express, so succinctly? I’d had guns my entire life, but never associated them with crazy-ass human beings? PS: no, us BernieBro rednecks don’t really FEEL like reenacting Pickett’s Charge into other death o’ disparity deplorables FOR yunz jagoffs!


His incompetence and the failure of this system are connected but the failures of this system go far beyond anything Trump may or may not have done. It is the corruption and the despair of this failed system that led to this point. Hating Trump without addressing the reasons that led to him only leads to more and worse Trumps.


Unfortunately, as we all should know by now, there are very few choices open to us. We can run away, surrender, or buy a concealable, practice with it, carry it, and be prepared to say “No!” and make it stick.

I haven’t seen anything about what happened after the Capitol cop shot that woman. Did her fellow “Sturmers” have second thoughts and run away? They should have, but perhaps they were so adrenalized that they didn’t even notice her being shot. Perhaps it would have taken another 5 or 10 being shot to get their attention.

But the only real reason they started up in the first place, I’m convinced, was that they had always been unopposed, placated, appeased. Nobody had ever said “No!” to them before, or made clear that the alternative to peaceful conversation would be injury or death.

So they could barge in as though their silly-ass costumes conveyed power and immunity from harm.

Were they deluded enough that even if a SWATtie had come around a corner and loudly racked the slide on his M4, they still wouldn’t have believed that they were in mortal danger? Maybe the stupider ones. But the opportunists would have suddenly had a warm, wet epiphany and a puddle around their feet.

We hear a lot of lies about their numbers. But when interrogated, they do turn out to be lies. They are few, many many fewer than us. They just make more noise.

So if we, the majority, arm ourselves, and are known to be armed, they will probably decide that they really don’t after all want to go up against 10:1 or 100:1 odds and end up in a box. There’s nothing in it for them.

As Smedley told us, conscript the warmongers, assign them to dangerous positions like re-supply truck drivers, let them think about it, and after a few weeks we’d find that there won’t be a war after all.

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Capitalism says if you cant get a job from a thing , if it doesn’t make you money, then it has no value whatsoever. This goes for homeless people, the elderly, persons from foreign nations, and for all of history, social studies, soft sciences, (non military), and anything else which does not include job training. Those kinds of subjects are considered a waste of the students time, both to the cadre at the school, to the government which funds the school, and to the American student who has been indoctrinated into capitalism from birth. What is the result, stupid people everywhere, coast to coast, unable to see through a corrupted fraudulent candidate like Trump.


That’s just the thing. Those who gaslight, troll and straw-man on these threads, honestly have NO idea what we’re bitching about. Their phone, computer, co-workers, friends, TV only shows them what they’re told by multi-millionaires at Comcast, AT&T, Disney, Bezos, Bloomberg (just take a fucking look who now OWNS CBS, or NYT’s masthead; good luck). We’ve two older couples, here, who can write “right” or “left” diatribes; by cherry-picking red herrings to gas-light speciously delusional marks, making fortunes from COVID. Our sock-puppets, trolls, writers & moderation algorithms evidently simply cannot be bothered to step outside their echo-chamber and open their eyes (they gotta EAT, too?) It’s hardly passive-agressive, if they’re trying to shut out ALL cognitive dissonance, but it seems Pavlovian sublimation?

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And those hair care products need to match his orange jumpsuit.

If it makes you feel better, I’ll jump on the band wagon of complaint for what negatives Biden exposes, but not until after he takes office.
But in the meantime flail away if that is what suits you or others.

Biden didn’t “decide to run” against Trump… 20+ LOUD, lie-spewing kleptocrats were jammed onto stages owned by billionaires, as millionaires rattled-off tired-ass 1944 vintage right wing K Street tropes, on media owned by 4 out of six multinational conglomerates… all to silence one old working class guy from Brooklyn; before crushing his followers and silencing OUR demonstrably CRUCIAL, popular (especially NOW) & exceedingly pragmatic, grown-up, essential agenda

Biden was FED to the likes of Sen. Harris, to CRUSH the “socialist” so nothing, fundementally, would CHANGE and everything would return to NORMAL! OK, FEEDING time…


Funny, that’s how I feel about some of you. The post you defend was a fetid cesspool of stupidity and I was mildly critical thereof.

Your comments get what they deserve frankly.

How do you know that? What’s the standard against which you evaluate them?


When I worked in Big Tech, I was trained in NLP. It’s real science, and our TV’s use it against us every day. Given enough access, a majority can be made to buy almost anything.


And you propose to what? Purge America of the other side? What you are talking about is civil war.

There are issues here we must not neglect in our outrage and astonishment that some of our fellow citizens would perpetrate such an un-American act as attacking our capital One such is the lack of progress for progressive agendas.

For far too long our government has failed us, instead slavishly representing the wealthy and the corporate.

For far too long the extreme right has delivered a constant and consistent message while the progressives and leftists have not.

The far right has put aside differences to present a united front, while the left has continued to shoot itself in the foot by seeking the perfect legislator, as if such an animal existed. By doing so they work against any progress in bringing our agenda to fruition.

Unless and until we understand that progress does not come by miraculously waving some mythic magic wand, but by a series of small and hard fought victories that ,eventually, add up to the goal we all seek.

When a politician expresses support for one of our goals, but opposes another, or whose voting record is unacceptable to us, instead of working towards the goal we have in common, we insult, vilify , alienate, thus making the goal we shared impossible to reach.

Far, far too often I see posts ostensibly from leftists that are indistinguishable from those of extreme right wingers. Then we all wonder why we have not seen progress is achieving our goals…