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Big Tech Further Mutes President, Far Right Megaphone as Demands for Trump Removal Swell

Coalition is good, for sure, but only if we don’t lose as much as or more than we gain.

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progressives better be careful what they wish for or they too will be silenced and de platformed …

these big tech companies should be nationalized and used to provided free speech for all americans no matter what you ideological beliefs


It isn’t, in my opinion, a matter of losing what we might gain, but of gaining what we have been losing by not accepting allies who could help achieve those gains.
If politician A supports one progressive goal but rejects another we should support her for the one we have in common and work to change her mind on the other. Far more common is a rejection of the politician completely, in what I believe is a counter productive search for political purity.

Why did they not arrest him then?? what a travesty of justice.

You say “flailing,” I say critical thinking. Live happily ever after in your delusional mind.