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'Big Tech Must Be Broken Up': House Report on Silicon Valley Monopolies Bolsters Call for Far-Reaching Antitrust Measures

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/07/big-tech-must-be-broken-house-report-silicon-valley-monopolies-bolsters-call-far

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Instead of breaking them up, why not cap the amount of shares a person can own and distribute the rest equally among ALL the people? We keep the economies of scale while economically benefiting us all.

What an odd read, not one word about the “elephant in the room” about breaking up the “big tech” companies… The alphabets. The intelligence agencies are in bed with the Silicon Valley companies, and have been for years, I wouldn’t take bets on them being broken up.

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Matt Stoller is optimistic about the prospects of Congress taking action. I’m not convinced he’s right, but I found his analysis interesting:

…“pervasive cynicism is actually cover for refusing to confront painful realities about how we used to think.”

The article is embedded in the tweet:

The snake within Shoshana Zuboff’s life’s work and pilgrim’s progress from youthful devotee of Milton Friedman & Chicago School MARKET DEMOCRACY to more recent post retirement from Harvard Business School where her work as a Social Psychologist was largely belittled by former Harvard President and U.S. Presidential Serial Chief Financial Advisor Larry Summers to Zuboff’s more recent partnering with DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST programs for breaking up the Corporate Caliphate THE RISE OF SURVEILLANCE CAPITALISM arrives as investor opportunism and the answer to urban blight.

Urban gentrifiers have no plan for returning sustainable and 25 year secured mortgage and family supporting jobs to the Perma Gig E-CONomy of Uberized and outsourced cheap and rootless labor piling up in cities of the displaced around the even pre-Pandemic World.

No plans for the sprouted homeless tent encampments in our cities in the shadow of mostly vacant newly constructed luxury speculative high rise condo housing gone to secondary markets as above-market leasing ventures, even in social safety net compassionate conservative or black-face liberal Canada:

Prof Saskia Sassen at Columbia U. and in the documentary film by Swedish TV producer in English language titled PUSH (available to stream both VEVO & U. of Tube) explains these mostly vacant big luxury condo developments in formerly modest urban neighborhoods of even minor third tier cities like PoTown, Ore are what Dr Sassen terms SAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES IN THE SKY for the unfettered global capital investors seeking safer hedges against inflation than hoarding off-shored currency using the perceived speculative worth of prized urban properties for purposes as investment tools rather than market rate or heaven forfend the low-income housing that made our current President’s family wealthy building for Washington’s subsidized low-cost housing for Whites Only amid Post WW II urban flight for the subsidized housing suburbs. Before SHRINKING BIG GOVERNMENT became the boiler-plate for both of our corporate owned political parties in our budgeting and legislative duopoly.



Balsillie also presented a scathing critique of how this particular project has been handled. “It is a colonizing experiment in surveillance capitalism attempting to bulldoze important urban, civic, and political issues,” he concluded. "Of all the misguided innovation strategies Canada has launched over the past three decades, this purported smart city is not only the dumbest but also the most dangerous."

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