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Big Tech Under Fire as Dozens of States to Announce Antitrust Probe of Google

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/09/big-tech-under-fire-dozens-states-announce-antitrust-probe-google

Why i never use google.

Me neither. But then all they might do anyway is a big fine that for google is a tiny drop in their massive profits. Google will then write them off their taxes and no harm done until the next time they are caught doing something evil. No harm will ever come to big tech companies. Democrats would love a bipartisan deal to spy on us some more or arrest us for talking bad about the DNC or Hillary or you know the national security trope…Russia


From the article:

“…the investigation will look at ‘whether large tech companies have engaged in anticompetitive behavior that stifled competition, restricted access, and harmed consumers.’”

In other words, the “free market” at work.

“…Attorney Generals…”

Feel like a picker of nits but it is Attorneys General.

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“They own that [search] platform and they can essentially weaponize it”

Meh… apparently it didn’t work for Hillary.

If the SEC and the state AGs had done their job 30 years ago to stop the Microsoft monopoly none of this would be necessary.