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Big Ten Football Players as 'Guinea Pigs'? Critics Raise Concern Over Promises to Study Covid-19 Impacts

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/16/big-ten-football-players-guinea-pigs-critics-raise-concern-over-promises-study-covid

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Michigan State University had the sororities and fraternities infected.
Indiana University in Bloomigton, Indiana has the same groups infected.
Sending the rich students home actually endangers their families, neighbors,
extended families and businesses where we know they will go to.

The big ten cardiac study is B.S.
This disease may leave behind time capsules, like polio did, and attack heart, kidney, liver and the lungs again in later years.

This is one of trump’s october surprises. All is OK, vote for me and I’ll set you all free of C19, poverty,
ill health, old age infirmities, The universities need the TV revenue, alumni happy.

Wondering if the football players may opt out this season and retain their tuition scholarships.


Nah, but my southern home state big time football head coach will retain his $15,000,000
per year pay out…

Plus, his former major rival is running for the US Senate, a plea bargain criminal. Top drawer material for today’s America leadership.


Cravenly caving to The Killer Clown and cohorts, the Circus of the Damned must go on


the conference tried to do the right thing and was greeted by an onslaught of legal threats and, in the case of my sorry alma mater (university of nebraska), an actual lawsuit.

the reality is that money drove this decision on the corporate end and sports fans are selfish a-holes who don’t care who dies so long as they’re entertained right on schedule.

this won’t end well for some folks.


Most big American universities public and private are totally corrupted by capitalism, ego, worship of college sports, and much more sinister forces.
Consider the cult of Sparty, otherwise known as Michigan State University, where the president of the university and many other officials covered up for serial sex predator Larry Nassar.
It would be better if we nationalized higher education, made tuition free, and made sure that coaches and other college sports profiteers don’t continue to throw young athletes’ bodies into the maw of the college sports financial bonanza.


Sponsor and alumni pressure overrode medical common sense. Shame on them. Look for super spreader events weeks after every game.


Good reporting on today’s announcement, Julia, but the biggest factor in this decision is not mentioned. It’s all about the money.
The major TV networks and ESPN and Big Ten Network, et al, were losing hundreds of millions in revenue, and today money won out over science.
The Pac-12 Conference is holding to correct principle, and the Big Ten (with 14 members?) has shamefully waffled on this.


Yes, I believe it is the NCAA that has said that any athlete can opt out for this season and not lose their scholarship. But from what little I have seen, a minuscule number are opting out.


Thank you.
I would think that freshman would be advised by coaches and families to sit this 2020 season out.
They do not usually have very much football game playing time in the first place. As long as their scholarship is honored by the college or university for 2020/21, why risk any health problems now or later in life from C19?

I do understand that this gets complicated for a 18 and 19 year old incoming college student.

Concussions and/or CTE are a VASTLY greater medical risk to college football players than the corona flu virus is. Spinal injuries are too.

College athletes are young and eat very healthy. Statistically they clear the virus with no symptoms in almost all cases.

Do you people have to have a political agenda about everything??

If you want to stay inside all the time and wear a mask to bed then that’s your freedom. Wrap yourself in bubble wrap for all I care. But the rest of us have lifes to live. And guess what, there are benefits and risks associated with everything.

it is clear that students-essential workers-seniors- and frankly most of the citizens of this country are being experimented on by the capitalists who could care less if you become infected , get sick, or die as long as they are able to extract a profit from our activities–it wasn’t enough for them to be given Trillions of dollars by the tools in government whom they have purchased with their dollars(campaign bribes)while millions of people’s lives are put on the chopping block of no support from the same politicians who handed those Trillions to the capitalists while the people twist in the wind,send their children to bed hungry,and soon to be tossed to the streets to satisfy the greed of these capitalists

A very callous comment this is, and factually inaccurate, because young people no matter how healthy can be severely harmed or even killed by coronavirus, and they can also be asymptomatic carriers.
There are benefits and risks associated with many things, but a smart person does everything possible to do the least-risky things in the safest way. Only fools blindly plunge forward, believing Liar Trump who claimed in March that the virus was no worse than the flu and would go away in a few days.
Playing college football is injurious in many ways. Being used as guinea pigs so colleges can make big money off their television contracts is unethical.
It would help if you understood the precautionary principle.

Minneapolis-based attorney Will Stancil compared the plan to the Tuskegee Institute experiments on 600 Black men which began in 1932 and in which researchers, without informed consent of the patients, studied the effects of untreated syphilis on the men.

This is crucial. USA has an extremely disgraceful rap-sheet of forced medical experimentation on the underclass, throughout the global history of medical atrocities:

The Long, Disgraceful History of American Attacks on Brown and Black Women’s Reproductive Systems

I thought about this Thursday and again Sunday as I was watching football. Why aren’t the players wearing masks? They are huffing and puffing in each others faces. Is there an acceptable reason they are allowed to?
So, if it’s acceptable for the NFL and their virtual audience, why not college games?