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Big Trump Protests Are Fine, But Here’s a To-Do List for Lasting Change


Big Trump Protests Are Fine, But Here’s a To-Do List for Lasting Change

Sarah van Gelder

As the Trump regime rolls out, the need for building local power becomes startlingly clear.

Many will march in the Women’s March on Saturday, and that promises to be an important statement against normalizing the Trump administration.

But after the big events are over, what next? National demonstrations are important, but to make real change, we’ll need to build power where we live.

It’s in our communities that we can resist hate and stand up for each other.


In addition, beware of scam "progressive" email "polls" and "important questions"! Sellout DINO corporate for-profit "Blue-Dog" scam.

The SCAM "Progressive Turnout Project" or "Turnout Pac" are using progressive voter/supporter lists to rob the unsuspecting! A Fraud!

Example of their garbage "You still have not taken our official Donald J. Trump Approval Poll. Have you not responded because you secretly admire Trump??" "If we do not receive a response by 11:59PM tonight, your permanent record as a strong Democrat will EXPIRE."

They use many other "questions" and "polls" very similar - there are other "appeals" on both sides as well. ALL are clearly a BS SCAM!

http://www.turnoutpac.org/our-team/ This scam undermines true progressive values, candidates and party reform!


Concurrent with faux news dominating media during the past three decades,, faux organizations and their scams have grown exponentially, similar to those who take advantage of refugees and other displaced people.


Thanks, make our voices heard and great starting points getting involved locally.


Pretty standard fundraising crap. They actually pay professionals to do that. The article argues for identifying and engaging in local campaigns and struggles.


Yes, I think it does. 1) It appears to use "Democrat" and "progressive" interchangeably - presumably an effort to attract Sanders progressives, despite being...2) content-less - its declared purpose to boost turnout to elect Democrats w/every electoral technique possible...except Party reform and progressive goals that could motivate Democrats to go to the polls.

Might Democratic policies and machine centrists have something to do w/the depressed turnout the pac notes? Not in its story...


I get a lot of it that does not ask for money as well--bogus publicity and probably address and email mining.


Why are "Sanders progressives" voting D at all? Aren't we told Sanders is an "indy" not a D? Then why should any "Sanders prog" ever vote D?


Thank you Sarah! If we just focus on these things and choose actions we are drawn to, everything will change.


In years gone by (too many years for me :grinning:), there was a phrase used by environmentalists that came to my mind while reading this article that I think can be used in political activism as well: Think globally, act locally.


In the right wing U.S., the Democratic Party is split between numerically and institutionally dominant right liberals and a large progressive minority of party members and independents - the overwhelming majority of whom habitually end up voting Democrat. I feel on safe ground asserting 60/40%, though perhaps progressives number greater than 40%.

"Sanders progressives" is shorthand for the latter. Sanders' campaign threw this split into relief, forming a kind of proto-insurgency within the Democratic Party.

Why should "any 'Sanders 'prog' ever vote D?" The general rationale is that Democrats are the 'lesser of two evils.' One does not have to accept that reasoning, but that is surely what it is...And, of course, that goes for Sanders too - who, as an independent, votes Democrat, and, in line with the 'lesser of two evil-ist' reasoning, supported HRC.

I don't feel like reiterating my oft-repeated solution to this prob, but you can find it easily enough if you look back.


In other words be the friendly helpful neighbor! Right!
Any real and lasting change here must take the form of a national convulsion.....a hard and bitter fight for economic democracy.
And that fight will finally come....it won't be easy & it won't be pretty. ....like the Civil War it will mean much suffering & great person sacrifice.


Political Personal-ism - Can it resist the right, or might it become a way of living with it?

I appreciate Ms. van Gelder's human and small-scale entryways into politics.

I do have a concern, however: that this multitude of small, bottom-up, local and individual initiatives...as decent as they are...will end up creating a kind of religion of quotidian decency among the politically defeated...a 'how to live decently in a bad time' ethics that never rises to the level of politics-as-politics necessary to resist the political forces that increase human suffering and injustice, and threaten to eliminate possibilities of political resistance...

Ms. van Gelder opposes her 'think small' approach to demonstrations - but I have the same concern about them too.

Resistance must include parties, political movements, coalitions...Sanders' Our Revolution could go in that direction, imo.