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Big Union Leaders Betray Sanders and Workers


Big Union Leaders Betray Sanders and Workers

Ralph Nader

Around a conference table inside the large Washington headquarters of the AFL-CIO, a furious exchange occurred between labor union presidents. It was late February and up for decision by the Executive Council was whether the country’s principal labor federation was going to make a primary season endorsement of Hillary Clinton as favored by the leaders of the largest unions.


BRAVO to Ralph Nader for this important view, and to union leaders of integrity that have not sold-out to the DNC/DLC Dem-Clinton machine!

"Labor for Bernie is fomenting defections by local unions defying their Hillary-endorsing national organizations. So far, over 80 of these union locals have endorsed Bernie Sanders.

“The volunteer Labor for Bernie grassroots drive is not just growing rapidly but cutting across all union categories and gaining support with non-union workers.”
"Typical of this exodus is Northern California Food and Commercial Workers Local 5, whose executive board voted 30 to 2 for Sanders, reflecting the views of most of its 28,000 members.

"“For us it was not a very difficult decision. Compare an individual who’s been supporting workers since he was mayor of Burlington [Vermont] with someone who’s been on the Board of Walmart.”

There is a tidal wave building for Bernie, and it will wash-away decades of party corruption and big-money domination!


The corrupt mis-leadership of the dwindling “big” Unions in the USA, makes these “Unions” very little different in their politics from state-sanctioned “unions” under totalitarian and fascist regimes.


If all the unions supported the Greens, that might put the Greens on the map and give real representation and growth to the union movement.

Union support for Bernie would also make sense, but for Hillary it’s silly.


Good point. As the overall political political power of working class people, union or otherwise, has diminished via the neoliberal policies of trade, etc, the big union bosses have protected and secured their power in part possibly as a reaction to that broad worker collective power diminishment.

Ironic as that may be.


There are very few subjects or arenas of life to which Astrology cannot cast light.

Whenever any entity becomes institutionalized, it not only follows a top-down, leadership-oriented authoritarian design, it mimics the conservative operations of the planet of tradition, control, and patriarchy: Saturn (the ruling planet for the sign of Capricorn).

The rank and file march to a different cosmic drummer. And rebels accord with Uranus, the planet of iconoclasts, revolutionaries, inventors, innovators, and those who challenge the existing order.

Ralph Nader is of the Uranus ilk. And there are no doubt many persons in these unions who don’t wish to go along with the Saturn-like conservative marching orders of their union leaderships.

It’s interesting (and in my view, proof of a Divine Order or more than chaos theory to the workings of our universe), that at the same time U.K. has Jeremy Corbin, and Canada has moved at least somewhat away from the disgusting former prime minister; that the current POPE speaks of the rights of nature, the need for peace, and the requirement that human beings earn a living wage.

So this Pope has invited Bernie sanders to discuss the issues. How cool is that?

The elites took so much for themselves and not only left little for the rest of the world; they’re essentially consigning far too many regions to war, filthy water, imploding ecosystems, and collapsing infrastructure. As a result, in many nations people ARE pushing back and they ARE getting better organized. Plus leaders of various shades of Leftist Gray are emerging.

Shift Happens!


Thank you, Ralph Nader, for you most ringing “endorsement” of Bernie and his agenda yet.


The big unions turned their back on the working class a hundred years ago.


Just from an overexcited, total Bernie Believer Canuck…


I was so waiting for this endorsement. I couldn’t be more pleased that a Man of your Stature and Integrity puts his Stamp on that one.

Thanks again.

With Total Love,

Francine Dozois, Montreal


Most of the rank and file with whom I am acquainted vote for the person, not the party. I have no doubt that most would vote Trump before they would vote Clinton.


and that’s one aspect of the oligarchical collectivism


DITTO! Solidarity forever!!!


What is really ironic is that unions warned the Clintons that NAFTA was going to be a disaster, and triangulating as they always do, they decided they would gain more by cosying up to the 1%–after all, where were the unions going to go?

And they’ve continued to support “free” trade, having learned nothing, at least nothing they felt they needed to pay attention to, from NAFTA and other trade agreements that benefit the elite.

Clinton has been luke warm on raising the minimum wage, flipped on TPP and the XL Pipeline. She’s only progressive to the minimum extent necessary to win an election–the day after, how can any trade unionist trust that she will expend political capital to support their goals?

Yet, the unions keep coming back for more abuse. Guess the union leaders, with their sizable salaries and benefits, identify more with shady characters like the Clintons, (see her work with UBS Bank) more than with their own members, and instead of a legislator how has always truly supported their movement.


Yay Ralph! It’s true that Sanders would be in the lead already if not for the shenanigans of the Big Union Bosses. Shame on them! One thing we have that they don’t - is the numbers of supporters. Fewer people give more to HRC and more people give a little to Sanders. Let’s hope it is the masses that elect Sanders and SooperDelegates be damned - or better yet have a change of heart when they see the outpouring of support for Sanders and realize that a vote for HRC is unpopular.

I am a Union supporter all the way, but I don’t support those Big Unions that are shilling for Hillary. Those kinds of unions are what give unions a bad name.


West Coast Longshoreman & Warehouse Union did but then again they pulled out of the afl-cio union when they supported obomber care/repug care.

I agree if unions were true to their members it would be Green all the way.


He should be supporting the Green Party. I will never forgive him in running Green then leaving the party and not helping to build it’s structure. RN please go away unless you will help anyone but the demodogs and that is what your doing. Sad


Union management have been quietly and effectively infiltrated by corporate money and influence.
Just as money has proved irresistible to politicians, union execs too have taken the easy road to managing union affairs by collaborating with employers in ‘cooperative arrangements’,
In return, they receive eased negotiations, invisible sponsorship/unhindered career advancement, private investment ‘advice’ and seamless transition to corporate sinecures on ‘retirement’.

Just as Bernie is fighting for integrity in national/state governance, rank and file union membership must strive to oust corporate infiltrated union management.

Backing the election of HRC is effective proof of corporate infiltration - R&F members betrayed - union execs are in effect saying “more of the same please”.
Oink, oink - snouts in the corporate trough.


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Most union leaders are a part of the establishment and have been for quite some time. They don’t speak for the rank-and-file worker.


Everyone has their price. Living with oneself knowing you are a traitorous scumbag must be hard.