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Big Win for Farm Workers as EPA Moves to Ban Dangerous Pesticide


Big Win for Farm Workers as EPA Moves to Ban Dangerous Pesticide

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

In what could be a huge gain for environmental justice, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed on Friday a ban on an agricultural pesticide linked to brain damage problems in children as well as harm to workers and communities.


One down now ONLY 1097 left! Wow we are making progress way to go EPA. About time to doom them all!


Grow your own if you can. Seek out the local farmer's market if there is one. You want to know where your food has been. Corporatist agriculture... evil.


Now government "regulators" must act to protect everyone from the thousands of usually untested chemicals dumped into our food, water, air, bays and estuaries (you know, the nurseries of the seas) and houshold/personal products (usually worthless crap easily replaced by natural products) that are dangerous, carcinogens, or destroy the environment and food supply!

"In its history, the E.P.A. has mandated safety testing for only a small percentage of the 85,000 industrial chemicals available for use today. And once chemicals are in use, the burden on the E.P.A. is so high that it has succeeded in banning or restricting only five substances, and often only in specific applications: polychlorinated biphenyls, dioxin, hexavalent chromium, asbestos and chlorofluorocarbons." - Total irresponsible BS!

The FDA and government "regulatory" agencies must switch the current MO from chemicals be proven deadly to ban them to demanding chemicals be PROVEN SAFE before they enter our lives or environment!

"Regulatory" agencies are a joke, corrupted by the revolving-door between industry and agencies charged with protecting the public from greed and evil! Big-money also buys legislation and policy decisions that benefit industry and threaten the public health and safety! ENOUGH!