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'Big Win for the Public': The Awful Tribune-Sinclair Merger Is Dead

'Big Win for the Public': The Awful Tribune-Sinclair Merger Is Dead

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In a huge win for everyone concerned about the devastating effects corporate consolidation has on local media outlets and independent journalism, Tribune Media announced on Thursday that it is terminating its proposed $3.9 billion merger with Sinclair Broadcast Group and suing the right-wing media giant for "breach of cont

Every time I see the name Sinclair, I think about Sinclair Oil, the mascot for which is a dinosaur (it should be algae, but that is a more academic matter). Dinosaur broadcasting for an audience of dinosaurs. Fortunately, the youth are, for the most part, not buying into the message. Nevertheless we must be cautious lest the Young Republicans revive themselves in earnest. For Reagan they wore cardigan sweaters; for Trump it is armbands and swastika tattoos–which is why they like the “grab 'em by the p*ssy” meme of their leader, as they ain’t going to get any by their (lack of) charms.

That was a close call. Whew!

The people deserve zero credit on this one. Most could care less either way.

This is not a “big victory for the public.” It’s certainly good to block this, but it’s a small victory, a small holding action to prevent one specific metastasization of the corporate capitalist cancer that is eating the economy, the Earth, and the body politic. Make no mistake, the predatory corporate colonizers are not “defeated,” they do not rest for a moment, they forever return from every angle to squeeze all media (and everything else) under their propagandistic umbrella. Unless and until we win a real, big, victory.

A “big victory” would be the disabling of the “limited-liability, investor-owned corporation” as the fundamental building block of the economy; the abolition of such predatory, profiteering, colonizing corporations; and their replacement by democratically-controlled and socially and ecologically chartered cooperatives, trusts, and municipal corporations as the building-blocks of the economy.


Greed knows no morality.