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'Bigger, Stronger, and More Dangerous' Than Florence, Super Typhoon Mangkhut Strikes the Philippines


This link talks about closures and transportation changes for the Hong Kong area.


Sheet metal is not so great as a building material in hurricane zones. Roofs should be well-secured and wood needs to be free of rot. Trees can be pruned to prevent them from blowing down, the day before a storm. My dad pruned our small trees during the eye of a hurricane once and saved them. Underground spaces are not a great idea in flood zones.


Big windows facing the ocean in hurricane regions are never very smart. Cover all windows for a hurricane. If you can’t, at least tape them to avoid massive splintering and injury. DTake precautions doing construction during hurricane season.


farmers trying to create enough cloud cover to keep their crops warm at night.

What?? I appreciate your view of China, but let’s be real.


You haven’t heard of this before? Farmers in central Florida burned rubber to keep the orange groves from freezing when I was a child. They do this in China too. I’ve seen it done in a couple of places. Over crops. In the winter, during a cold snap, in the evening.
How does it work, you ask? Well, clouds keep the earth warmer because they prevent heat from radiating outward. If you notice, nights with clear skies tend to get chillier.


OIC, thanks for clearing that up, a case of semantic misunderstanding. Sorry.