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Biggest Earthquake in 20 Years Hits Southern California

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/04/biggest-earthquake-20-years-hits-southern-california

Happened in the middle of nowhere. Otherwise, there would have been more damage. A major earthquake of 7+ is long overdue in the Los Angeles basin.

Gawd punishing the homersexual Californication again. If they weren’t all gawdless, baby eating atheists they could have prayed this away. :wink:

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Around 10:30 this morning , and I live close to L.A. , my work table gave a little shudder, and I looked at the cat and the cat looked at me---- yes, was that a little earthquake— but then at 10:34 , there was a bigger earthquake! It was a fun bouncy one one though and no damage at all. Or maybe it was just the cottage bouncing, but the cat didn’t mind it either. NO one near me had any damage, but we are on the hills close to the National Park and the fact that the cottage was built in the 1920s , when housing had lighter structures---- maybe that made it more bouncy, The weirdest thing was that people felt it all the way down to Mexico!
I read that Northern CA had a bunch of them earlier last month. It was scarier to me to live in tornado country

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Hello Sparkle_Mahn, So are much greater ones than a 7 or the Richter scale!

I live north of Fresno and I felt it. In fact, right after noticing a slight sway in my computer desk, I remember telling myself, “am I imagining this?” and promising to ‘Google’ if there had been an earthquake somewhere in the state. Sure enough, it was an earthquake.